I am glad I went into this game as blind as I did. Definitely a great and fun RPG and with one of the greatest endings, I have ever expected. A good earthbound inspired RPG that's nothing about depression but just a good story.

If it wasn't for the button controls I don't think I would have been able to beat this game. But I did enjoy this game a lot. The only thing that bothered me was the tons of backtracking the game has. But It did feel good to complete it with one of my favorite Zelda finals and one of the best stories in a Zelda game.

Honestly, this is my favorite animal crossing, and yes I have played most of them. Yeah, there are some issues but I still really enjoy this title and It's one of the only animal crossing games I've put all my hours into.

There's a good reason this game made fire emblem as popular as it is again.

One of my favorite RPGs of all time. The black eagle's route was amazing and I felt so much more connected to each character compared to other RPGs. Huge recommend even if you've never played a Fire Emblem game.

Honeslty I dont remember much of this game but I am only giving it a five stars because it is the first game I ever played

Its my favorite game with more options on my favorite system so of course its five stars

Yes, it's basically the same game but the graphics wasn't my favorite. But it doesn't change the amazing game it will always be.

The game that gave me such a big passion for gaming. I loved this game so much and It will always be one of my favorite games from the story, music, characters, gameplay, and everything. I don't know what else to say I just love this game so much.

The right opinion is to call this a 10/10

I still get mad thinking about this game, all I'm gonna say is play Celeste instead and don't even try it just pretend it's not real.

I understand why people love this game but to me, I felt really burnt out around the end. Just having the same world in a Mario game felt boring and tiring. But its not an awful game to play and other people that enjoy this game are completely valid in enjoying it.

Out of all the spiderman games I've played this is my favorite one. I put the most hours into this one and just playing, in general, was a really fun experience and it felt extremely smooth

This game is still really good fun. It was one of the most creative Mario games, every planet was exciting to visit and play.

I know Im going to get murdered for this but I honestly enjoyed this more than Super Metroid. I do with it wasn't as linear as it was. But the gameplay and bosses are a lot of fun and I never felt bored and frustrating while playing this one.