An amazing puzzle game! Every puzzle was fun and I never felt like it was overly frustrating. Glados never felt annoying for the only speaking role in the game and everything else about this game was just amazing!

This game made me love Lego games again. I was honestly getting bored of Lego games but this made me really happy to play! I love star wars and the complete saga. And i really feel like this game is a giant improvement!

14 years in the making. And it came out AMAZING, the gameplay is extremely smooth and fun. I never felt bored exploring and this is the game that made samus more of a badass than she already was.

It definitely needs some fixes and I might pick it up again later. But it’s still a fun game to play, it is scary so it does it’s job well. But I hope the next one has a little more time in the oven.

I haven’t enjoyed a Pokémon this much since playing gen5! It’s a lot of fun, a great post game, fun gameplay, and I hope scarlet and violet use these types of game mechanics!

Definitely over hated. I understand that it feels extremely easy but It's still a fun time and a good start for 3D pokemon

Can be really difficult but its still worth it. Great gameplay, music, and level design. Definitely recommend, especially doing every path.

The best pokemon game in my opinion. Improved sprite animation and an even better story. Great battle system and Pokemon. The best in the series.

Definitely my favorite Pokemon generation. Amazing sprite animation, great story, great music, and great pokemon too.

My first Pokemon game. I remember I was given this game by a trade and I just remember completely enjoying it and falling in love with the pokemon series.

A horrible excuse for a mario kart game. Micro-transactions, boring gameplay, frustrating, just horrible. Thank god all the good stages are coming to 8 delux.

I only played the 3DS version so playing the original was an interesting experience. It definitely holds up after all these years.

Chapter 2 is a massive improvement over chapter 1. I played this between playing fallout 4 and it was a fun little break.

Not my favorite pokemon game but it isn’t a bad remake. I enjoyed it only because it was my first time playing Diamond. If you already played the game I wouldn't expect anything new.

Have not finished it yet but I definitely enjoyed what I played. I didnt finish only because I got distracted with out games but I highly recommend it.