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my childhood game and one of my fav games of all time, story is still my favorite part, gameplay is still great to this day, and music/atmosphere of the game is just amazing, still think this is one of the best indie games i've played

launch day for elden ring was rough at first but i'll be honest the game got back up on it's feet pretty quickly, my fav open world game ever. bosses are amazing, music is great too, and the overall story and plot is really interesting. and no it doesn't need a fucking easy mode you morons



best rogue like ever made, plot is amazing with all the greek mythology stuff, really cool stuff, characters all have their own interesting personalities that are fun to listen to, and trust me there are a LOT of voice lines, rarely you'll hear them repeat, and it has a lot of replayability i mean this shit is great.

a very important game that prob changed a lot of people including me, deserves all the praise it got and i hope the best for my boy toby

this game deserves every single drop of praise it has gotten, this is one of my favorite games and the best metroidvania (ori was good too but they don't compare) team cherry coming out with an absolute banger on their first try. this game's plot is great and the mechanics and gameplay is really fun to learn

don't listen to all the game journalists that can't beat a FromSoftware game, or anyone who says these games need a difficulty slider or an easy mode. bloodborne is a masterpiece in every way shape or form and i really wish it was more talked about cause it'd take too long to mention everything this game gets right. FROMSOFT BLOODBORNE PC PORT I AM ON MY KNEES PLEASE

the game that basically made me, with friends this game was the best thing i had as a kid and damn, i'm not sure what happened now it's really not the same, i feel like the updates are getting worse but i'm not sure if it's just me liking different games or not, whatever the case, still one of the best games to play with friends

Valve's peak was Portal 2 and always has been. this game has so much personality, such a great story i absolutely adore it. the characters are so interesting and fun to listen to and it's so different from what i've played before

best game ever made. yea. just think abt something that a game has, like i dont know, lore/gameplay/music/character design/area design/boss design/dialogue/mechanics, just take all those, perfect each one of them, u got dark souls 3. i have never cried more hearing video game music or character dialogue

"Genshin Impact is a game that has sucked away my soul"
careful when getting into this game cause the cute anime women will get to your head, and be careful with the gacha, we all want ganyu u don't have to pay money for her