Just Downright ugly to look at. I might consider picking up the wii u remaster but wow this game wasn't fun

Slightly too easy but without a doubt a classic

Fun Story with good gameplay not much more tho

Just got Incredibly bored playing this one

Fantastic Gameplay, Killer Music, and a return to form for the Mario 3D platformer.

Set a strong foundation but felt too short and more as reusing of old assets then a proper sequel

So Close. If for not a bloated 3rd act it would've been the best in the series

While more of the great Uncharted 2 gameplay, It doesn't stand on it own feeling more like an extension to it's sister Uncharted 2

The Game that saved the Playstation 3

While Creating a Fantasic formula for future installments. The Original Uncharted just doesn't hold up like it's sequels

while the Multiplayer was disappointing... The story was the best Valve ever produced