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"Atomic Heart," developed by Mundfish, a Russian studio, is an extremely controversial game. However, setting aside any preconceptions, I decided to review it objectively. While the game is good, there is room for improvement.
Visually, "Atomic Heart" is impressive. While not pushing next-gen graphics, it is aesthetically pleasing and looks great in screenshots. The retro-futuristic setting adds to the unique and peculiar atmosphere, successfully portraying a crumbling world devastated by a machine uprising.
The gameplay is solid, effectively blending familiar elements from games like Bioshock and other renowned first-person shooters. The developers strike a good balance between incorporating existing ideas and introducing their own innovations. The glove's abilities are particularly interesting and diverse, ensuring the game doesn't become monotonous.
Unfortunately, the narrative aspect falls short. Despite the fantastic world-building and overall atmosphere, the pacing feels off. The story loses engagement and interest at times, with dialogues that come across as pretentious, embarrassing, and needlessly sexualized, particularly in interactions involving a specific robot character. The game had potential, but the studio didn't fully capitalize on it. It's disappointing because the immersive world keeps you invested and wanting more.
I should also mention that the enemies' AI in the game is notably weak, ironically enough. I understand that our opponents are robots, but that doesn't justify their absolute lack of intelligence and minimal resistance. They pose no real challenge.
Ultimately, "Atomic Heart" is a game with a compelling concept, a phenomenal atmosphere, and incredible potential that somehow got lost along the way. Despite its flaws, I would still recommend giving it a chance, especially since it's available on Game Pass.

I have a deep love for roguelike games, so I eagerly picked up "Cult of the Lamb" with high expectations. Despite a few flaws, I wasn't disappointed.
In terms of the plot, it's not groundbreaking. We, the sheep, are about to be sacrificed when a mysterious eternal being rescues us and offers a second chance at life in exchange for establishing a cult and eliminating its enemies. We agree and embark on a journey through various lands to defeat specific bosses. While the plot feels somewhat superficial, it's commendable that it exists in this roguelike genre.
The gameplay is decent, although it could have been better. I had some issues with the mechanics of strong and special attacks, but overall, there were no major complaints. It provided a satisfying experience, although it did become a bit repetitive towards the end due to the limited arsenal. Nonetheless, this doesn't detract from the game, and the combat mechanics themselves are quite solid.
The game's greatest strength lies in its audiovisual presentation. The hand-painted environments and characters feature a charming, exaggeratedly cute yet demonic art style that gives the game a unique personality. It's an undeniable gem in the market, capturing your attention immediately. The music is even more exceptional, with a psychedelic vibe and captivating choral performances by "animals." It creates an amazing and atmospheric experience.
Overall, "Cult of the Lamb" is a solid game that is definitely worth recommending. However, it has some minor drawbacks such as a slightly neglected combat system, repetitive locations, and inconsistent difficulty levels—sometimes too challenging, other times too easy. These factors slightly diminish the final rating, although it remains relatively high. I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try!

How many years did Star Wars fans wait for a solid single-player game set in this universe? Quite a long time, but they finally got it with "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order," a truly solid game that stands on its own and holds up well. And in EA games, that's rare!
Starting with the classic aspect, the visual presentation of the game is excellent. Attention to detail is evident at every step, and exploring planets like Kashyyyk or Dathomir is a pure delight. The locations are diverse and beautifully modeled, which enhances the overall gaming experience.
As for the story, well, it simply exists. That's all that can be said about it. I personally find it pretentious and sometimes silly, but it's something you can overlook. I played this game mainly for the satisfaction of lightsaber combat, but the story still stood out. Although I must admit that some of the side characters, and even the main protagonist Cal, are genuinely intriguing and well-written.
The gameplay is fantastic. Lightsaber combat is incredibly satisfying, and after every duel, you crave for more. I can't say the same for boss fights since I only enjoyed a handful of them. Nevertheless, the gameplay is very enjoyable, and I didn't want to step away from the computer just to defeat one more enemy (although I have to say they could have added the option for dismemberment, but that's a minor detail).
I mentioned that the locations are beautiful, which is true, but unfortunately, they suffer from repetitive level design. They simply feel repetitive—every planet has the same layout, and you know what to expect and how to approach it. It's a pity because the potential was enormous.
Technically, it's a disaster. The game is not well-optimized for personal computers, and even today, numerous bugs, crashes, and other artifacts occur. It hampers immersion and the overall enjoyment of the game.
"Fallen Order" is a good game worth recommending; however, one must be prepared for its weak technical aspects. Despite that, the rest of the game is genuinely solid and deserves attention. Let the force be with you!

“Were there souls at all? Was there really a naked, invisible little version of himself hiding under his skin, so valuable to Heaven and Hell that each would send emissaries down to fight for it?” - Between Two Fires
Why preserve Sanctuary? Or care at all about the souls that inhabit it? The question plagues Diablo IV's two demigods/demons, Inarius and Lilith, while your goody two-shoes player-character gets caught up in their bullshit. The place is a dump: goatmen descend on anybody who strays more than 20 feet from a village; everyone has to choose between two or three cults; missing family members abound.
Inarius, in full divorced dad mode, wants to scrap his creation and jet off to Heaven to start over. Lilith has better and more interesting ideas for renovating the place. I found myself wishing for her to succeed (or, just once, to squash me like a little bug? Isn't that what the perverts at Blizzard designed her to do?)
By design, Lilith and my rogue had to be at odds: Diablo never provides much player agency outside of clicking enemies and adding numbers together. At least the clicking and adding is fun and re-playable, and the world design (not to mention cutscenes, voice acting, music) is high-budget maximalism: this is the first Diablo game where I failed to bounce off to more productive pursuits. I kept clicking. Or, eventually, kept enjoying a pretty nifty controller layout that sometimes tricked me into thinking I was playing an action game.
But do you actually have a soul when you play this game? Does Blizzard care what happens to your soul when you spend $100 on horse armor? Of course they don't. Your soul isn't what's valuable; it's your time. The live service stench of it all, like a bloated corpse just off screen, is best ignored...pinch your nose and enjoy and finish the campaign just before it, and you, explode into rotten gas.



The best roguelite I've ever played. Phenomenal combat mechanics, great progression that gives an amazing sense of satisfaction. The plot (!) is at a very high level, the game even explains the nonsenses related to the genre feature.

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated collaboration between FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, has exceeded all expectations and stands as a shining gem in the realm of fantasy gaming. This game is an absolute triumph that effortlessly combines intricate world-building, breathtaking visuals, challenging gameplay, and a gripping narrative that will captivate players from start to finish.
One of the standout features of Elden Ring is its meticulously crafted world. FromSoftware has once again proven their expertise in building immersive environments, each with its own lore, history, and secrets waiting to be discovered. The sheer scale of the open-world is awe-inspiring, offering a sense of freedom and exploration rarely seen in this genre. From the sprawling landscapes to the haunting dungeons, every location feels alive and teeming with detail.
The gameplay in Elden Ring is a true testament to FromSoftware's mastery. The combat system strikes a perfect balance between strategic decision-making and intense action. Each encounter feels like a test of skill, requiring precise timing, thoughtful dodging, and calculated attacks. The variety of weapons, spells, and abilities available ensures that players can customize their playstyle to suit their preferences. The difficulty level is challenging but fair, rewarding perseverance and providing a true sense of accomplishment.
The collaboration with George R.R. Martin has breathed life into the narrative of Elden Ring. The storyline is richly layered, filled with deep lore, complex characters, and unexpected twists. The player's journey through the shattered kingdom of Elden Ring is a thrilling adventure that constantly pushes the boundaries of storytelling in gaming. The haunting atmosphere and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack further enhance the immersion, creating a truly unforgettable experience.
Visually, Elden Ring is a masterpiece. The game's graphics are a stunning blend of intricate detail, vibrant colors, and atmospheric lighting. Whether exploring the serene landscapes or venturing into the darkest depths, the visual fidelity consistently impresses. From the intricate armor designs to the towering bosses, the attention to detail is unparalleled, making every moment a visual feast for the eyes.
Furthermore, the seamless integration of online multiplayer elements adds another layer of excitement to the already captivating gameplay. Whether cooperating with friends to overcome challenging encounters or engaging in thrilling PvP battles, the multiplayer aspect enhances the longevity and replayability of Elden Ring.
In conclusion, Elden Ring stands as a landmark achievement in the realm of fantasy gaming. FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin have crafted a game that sets new standards in world-building, gameplay, narrative, and visual presentation. With its epic scale, engrossing story, and addictive combat, Elden Ring is a must-play for fans of the genre and a testament to the boundless creativity of its creators. It receives a resounding five-star rating without hesitation. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey that will leave you breathless and craving for more.

This production is something more, it is definitely a higher level of immersion and history. The characters are alive, you feel a connection with them - every loss of one of them brings tears to the eyes. Incredible, living world and story at the absolute highest level. It's not the best game I've ever played - it's the best gaming experience I've ever had. Absolute must-play.

Even better than its predecessor. The game that defined the aRPG genre and my gaming taste ;) Amazing story, phenomenal boss fights (I have nightmares about Baal), even better replayability. It doesn't even scare away with such graphics, especially since there is a really good remaster available on the market in the form of the Resurrected version. A game worth playing!

A game that you can both love and hate at the same time. The plot surpasses many of today's productions, but the gameplay is an absolute failure. Luckily, the characters are so great and the story is so phenomenal that the gameplay isn't that important here. One star deducted for Mako missions ;)

The best game in the trilogy. Better than the first one in... everything. Perfect game with amazing atmosphere and story. Probably the best sci-fi RPG on the market.

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