Way to just egregiously plagirize 'Archero' with every. Single. Possible aspect. But with an infinitely worse difficulty curve
Level structure. Crafting and equipment system requiring three of the same item to upgrade its rarity. Exact same stutter-step gameplay and camera angle. Loads of indentically functioning enemies, and even more identical abilities.
There's even a fuckin' roulette table you spin at the start of every tomb, just like Archero!
This was me rambling, but I desperately needed to get this out there.

The game, is fun. The game, is a battle. If it's not fun, why bother? If it's not a battle, where's the fun? It's a test that you pass or a quest that you fail or race against time. Fun and battle always lock together but the game is also something else - it's a journey, a passport to new worlds - maybe even an odyssey. A look, a feel, an exploration - close your focus and open your mind.
- Reggie Fils-Aimé

The late game's grueling difficulty doesn't really mesh with the fun unpredictable nature of the units' actions and physics, and makes repeating many stages infuriating. Disregarding that, the Sandbox mode shines in the shear unfathomable amount of infinite combinations of battles you can create with the over 100 different units, and the pretty robust unit creator. You can possess every single one of them and they all have their own dumb-fun moveset(with quirks and all).
I'd say look up a guide for how to acquire all the hidden units, and just go bananas in the sandbox. The campaign is completely optional, while still showing occasional greatness.

I require some real garbage after this ULTRA sterile arthouse, bullcrap.

A great tribute to the LCD games of yore. Neat locales with lots of soothing earthy tones, you rarely see steppes(?) in games i feel. And that singular gameplay track is bumpin' and just enhances the already warm summer vibes. The mc, Snippy, shows a surprising amount of personality with so little: Her swaying and stumbling when shifting around the garden is snappy and determined while also occasionally showing her goofy side. She's got a cute cheery voice that straddles the line of being obnoxious. The game is exhilarating! Towards the tail end it might become a bit too frantic though, and it does. A few more trials would probably have resulted in making the game feel more worth and lessened the relatively steep difficulty curve, however for the price of admission, this is fantastic!

Stupidly short and i don't care much for the crass humor. At least the developer addressed the length. Gun Devil barely gets off the ground. But there's a skeleton here for something pretty great actually. Probably wouldn't quite fit in with the gunplay, but if they leaned more into the fun, almost Wario Land-esque movement system, I'd be down for more.

Don't judge. I had a few hours, and wanted to flex my brain a little

Humanity has only regressed since this materialized into the world

This review contains spoilers

Minor spoilers ahead!
Studio MDHR just casually animating the best looking boss ever made.
I'm glad they didn't add any 'run and gun' segments to the forth island. Was fun the first time through those levels, after that it was kind of a slog. I'm not sure the secret boss was executed optimally. The gimmick is awkward and feels half cooked. Like it doesn't really fit in something like Cuphead. Also only a single phase? I guess it would have been a bit unmanageable on top of the already wack mechanic. Besides that boss, a truly magnificent swan song for Cuphead.
If Chad and Jared decide to take an indefinitely long vacation after this, they are completely justified in doing so.

Truly baffling. Ok. Before i go off, i need to add some context about this enigma.
This game was made by two 'lonely' Brits(with no video game industry experience) on a journey to create "great, narrative, singleplayer games in a world moving increasingly towards multiplayer and live services." This bewilders me.
Why would you make something this complex, with a photorealistic style,(Unreal Engine?) with a The Last of Us style crafting and stealth system. When you're essentially infants in the business?
Also there's a diegetic health bar à la Dead Space, which fails to do its sole job; Showing the current condition of your health at all times. With 360° of motion, you sometimes end up dying to the angle the camera is facing and the direction you're running in.
The story is almost non-existent. As you could probably assume, it's heavily based upon Herbert George Wells' The War of the Worlds. You're puppeteering the slumbering corpse of a hUmAn named Harper. She's a complete nobody. No mention of a family, friends or anything to tangibly connect her with the world she's inhabiting. She's got like 20 lines of spoken dialogue and it's so nothing, it's kind of hilarious.
There's times where the devs almost acknowledge their shortcomings ingame, like a sign in front of a pool that says "Please do not swim. There isn't an animation for it." Of what little you actually do decently, why throw your immersion out the window like that, for an uncalled for 4th wall breaking joke?
You know. I do actually feel bad about doing this. Defecating all over Grey Skies. If the developers somehow find this rambling: I'm sorry. For whatever that's worth.

That was real neat! Don't know what that was, but it was neat.

After 25 hours I've gotten my fill. Runs are way too long, for how addictive and stressinducing they become. Energy just fizzles at the 40 min mark. At least for me. Tracks has no variety, loops quickly and in general is just sorta dull. Everything that isn't gameplay looks great. The 2D/3D style does not mix. Especially when something... I hesitate to call it animates. I ended up minimizing and muting the game the rest of my playtime. Also i know this is just how card games are made, but I really dislike how rng heavy this one is in particular.

Even with the occasional audio issue and design decisions i disagree with. This is a solid little experience. The "twist" is obvious, but so what. The concept of being asked to look after a friend's apartment, a place you're completely unfamiliar with. Is unsettling in and of itself. Its short, but i'd recommend it just for that.

Version 0.5.0
3 whole bucks for pure crack kokain, and somehow nobody sees the issue with that?