I try to experience every facet and corner, video games has to offer
My five favorites here is a pretty good summary of what i like in the video game medium
If you're wondering why my ratings are skewed so positively. I usually only rate games I've fully completed. (With few exceptions: Short experimental titles like "Passage" and "Plug and Play", Demos, or just if i haven't played said game in years)
The "years ranked" lists won't contain games i haven't rated. With only rare exceptions; Lisa
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Feb 16

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Way to just egregiously plagirize 'Archero' with every. Single. Possible aspect. But with an infinitely worse difficulty curve
Level structure. Crafting and equipment system requiring three of the same item to upgrade its rarity. Exact same stutter-step gameplay and camera angle. Loads of indentically functioning enemies, and even more identical abilities.
There's even a fuckin' roulette table you spin at the start of every tomb, just like Archero!
This was me rambling, but I desperately needed to get this out there.

The game, is fun. The game, is a battle. If it's not fun, why bother? If it's not a battle, where's the fun? It's a test that you pass or a quest that you fail or race against time. Fun and battle always lock together but the game is also something else - it's a journey, a passport to new worlds - maybe even an odyssey. A look, a feel, an exploration - close your focus and open your mind.
- Reggie Fils-Aimé