I don't have a specific genre preference whatsoever. I try everything. Never know when you might find your next favorite game!
My personal rating system:
5 - Masterpiece
4 - Must-play title with minor flaws
3 - A good game if you're into the genre
2 - Not worth your time
1 - Unplayable
I do give +/- 0.5 when they're in-between these categories.
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Dread X Collection is an anthology series of indie horror games put together in a neat package. The 7 games here can be played in any order with the backdrop of an overarching narrative set in an isolated research station in the arctics. Here are all the games and my thoughts on them:
uktena 64:
This was made by the same dev who created Lost in Vivo. This isn't the most interesting game in the collection, but it is at the top in terms of quality. The basic premise is that you're a hunter tasked with hunting a bunch of infected animals and the plot gets crazier from there. The N64 aesthetic is great, and the gameplay is simple but fun. 4/5
axis mundi:
A Fatal Frame-esque horror game. You are a ghost hunter tasked with cleansing an under-construction shopping mall. The visuals here are too clean in my opinion and the ghosts look very goofy. The voice acting is strong, and the story isn't too bad. 3/5
black relic:
You play a monk who needs to retrieve a holy relic stolen by a cult of pagans with the help of a trusty crossbow. I reaaallly dig the gameplay in this one. The slow reloads of the crossbow add a lot of tension but unfortunately the enemies are too slow to put you in any type of danger. The pixel/low-res 3D visuals look awesome. 3/5
rose of meat:
Now THIS. This... I don't know what the fuck this is. You could probably write an entire thesis analyzing the meaning behind this super surrealistic piece of art but I'm too dumb to do that. Either way, this was amazing. 5/5
You receive a letter from your estranged daughter who is in grave danger after joining a cult of sorts. This one starts off strong but quickly turns into the worst game in this collection. Everything from the visuals to the gameplay to the story are extremely unpolished. Every element of this game seems out of place. It just didn't work for me. Awful. 1/5
the fruit:
This is easily the best game out of this collection. After receiving a distressing letter from your lover, you travel to an isolated town to uncover the mystery as to what happened to him. It's an open world survival game with metroidvania elements. The whole atmosphere reminds me a lot of RE4. This game has sooo many cool ideas like the manual gun reload, spell book, the open-ended world, lovecraftian elements, etc. I just wish this was a full-blown game. It is that good. You could buy this collection just for this game and it would be worth it (at a discount of course). 5/5
the house of unrest:
I didn't finish this one. The premise is badass. You play a priest who has been summoned to exorcise demons in a mansion. You dual wield a glock and a cross. This should have been a homerun but it kinda sucks. Not the worst but definitely a very weak entry. 2/5
Finally, the story of the Arc station. This is fantastic as well. It reminds me a lot of "The Thing" which is definitely a strong inspiration here. Great atmosphere. Overall, a great collection. Definitely recommend it, especially on sale.

Outside of Disco Elysium, I haven't found a single crpg which was entertaining enough for me to play past the 10 hour mark and PoE hasn't changed that. The world is woefully boring, the quests are terrible and the combat is a snooze-fest. I think this genre just isn't for me.

A very short but extremely well told story. The voice actors are truly exceptional. This game wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable without their awesome performance. The animations are janky but they are unsettling and add to the atmosphere imo and the ending was superbly executed.
Even though this game is just about 2 hours long, it has a bunch of technical issues. I annoyingly had to restart some chapters several times. Completely unacceptable for a game of this size.
Overall, highly recommended. 3.5/5