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An ambitious next step for Frogwares who have made clear by now that they’re not content with simply putting out the same game with new cases, in favour of releasing Sherlock games so vastly different they’re barely connected, if at all.
In the latest entry to date, they push the boat even further by taking us back to a younger Sherlock, revisiting his childhood home on the islands. No London, no 221B, almost none of the iconic characters we know and love, and he’s even sporting a new “hot” almost gothic look. Admittedly, I was initially worried that this might fall into a similar trap as DmC did, what with the whole “reimagining” of the protagonist resulting in such a heavy attempt to make them cool and likable that they became anything but, so I’m really glad to say that this isn’t the case!
Sherlock Chapter One takes some chances for sure, implementing an open world of sorts, with cases that can be tackled whenever you so choose. The map isn’t littered with collectables or an abundance of menial cases, so while it may seem unnecessary or even overwhelming at first, it very quickly just, works. This game feels much more like I am going around investigating rather than simply fast traveling between key locations (although you can do that ofc) and the fact there are NPCs outside of the cases just makes the city feel more alive I suppose.
There are a few other things that you mightn’t expect from a Sherlock game: Bandit Lairs which can be completed, consisting of a combat minigame in which you can arrest (or kill) enemies – these reward money used for the next thing I’ll mention, but are completely optional and better still - Limited to only 5 across the whole map 😌
There’s also some customisation which is always fun, and the money you earn can be used to buy a pretty decent selection of clothes and accessories, the citizens around you will even treat you differently based on what you’re wearing, being more or less cooperative depending on how they feel about your drip. Due to this, dressing the part before asking around is something you’ll have to think about, and I just think that’s neat. (Also you can wear women's clothing so brownie points for that)
As for the real meat of the game, the investigations are as fun as ever, and the interrogations/dialogue in general remain my favourite part. There’s just something about picking holes in someone’s story or sassing them to their face that they’ve been ‘ad that this game really hits on the head. The overarching story has been an interesting one as well, not sure I’m completely in love with everything they did but it provided a throughline that didn’t feel unnatural and allowed for a dynamic that would’ve otherwise felt lacking.
Overall, if you’re into investigation games or you’ve played the earlier entries, this one is definitely worth a look. I can assure you right now that it’s not just “hot gothic Sherlock thinks he’s so cool” lol
Looking forward to the new one set to release this year! :)

Freebird Games really never fails to disappoint.
These games are made in such a way that despite the pixelated art style and at times basically being a visual novel that you walk through, they consistently succeed at hitting heavy punches and making the characters feel more alive than I would expect. Even just subtle things like characters readjusting their seated position between lines go a long way to build immersion and help combat the feeling that you're just reading a screen.
The main reason I've given this entry a 4/5 is hard to talk about, because the game works hard to subvert expectations in a way that I expect is quite unlikely to see coming. So in the vaguest way possible, I'll just say that the first hour had me excited to play one type of game/story, but within a couple of hours it became clear that what I thought I was in for, was not the case. This isn't a bad thing, and what I got was still fantastic, but it's a shame that my excitement for the former being left hanging resulted in me taking longer to really get into the reality -- or more accurately, I was somewhat distracted throughout a lot of the game, wondering how the opening was relevant or necessary to what was unfolding.
Perhaps I would've preferred if they'd stuck to the formula a bit more, but I appreciate them trying new things and as above they still delivered on what they did very well :)
Overall this was a delight, all the same charm and emotion you'd expect from these devs. If you've played the others definitely give this a try, just be sure to play the games in release order as while not directly connected there are absolutely some callbacks in this that will be lost on you
P.S. You don't need me to tell you but the music is superb, as always 😌

How funny it is that despite all my efforts to beat it sooner, I would complete Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Friday the 13th, as my 4th completion for 2023. With the date being considered unlucky here in the West, and the number 4 being considered unlucky in the East.. It’s almost poetic that even the finale wasn’t safe from my misfortune.
To those who may not know, the majority of this game was played at my mother’s house, where I lived for about half of December due to a fault at my own home that left me without central heating. Simultaneously making for a pretty bad situation, that resulted in me being almost forced to play a game that I’d been really wanting to, but struggling to put on when at home. On the contrary, as I played out the finale late last night, beating the final boss and bringing this epic journey to an end, I received an urgent call from my brother… For those of you that know why they consider the number 4 to be unlucky in Japan, well.. It was a long time coming, we’re all okay, but it made for a pretty significant weight to be added as I paused the closing cinematic 5 minutes before the end, only finishing it hours later.
As you can imagine, these things alone have solidified that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will forever live in my memory as a game of great conflict, but through it all I honestly find this to be appropriate. The highs are immense, in some parts even towering over those of its predecessor, but the lows are so, so low, that at times I genuinely considered skipping to the third entry, and even gave the game a placeholder score of 3/5
For the first 40 or so hours, I noted down some of my thoughts in order to remember them for this review, but by the time I’d gotten properly into the game, I sort of did away with this and just enjoyed it instead. Therefore, the following will be a series of my notes as I wrote them, and where necessary they’ll be responded to with my current thoughts to see what’s changed. All I’ll say upfront is that I love this game, but I also really fucking hate it lol. (for fun, I’ll put my bullet points in [ ] indicators so you can see what exactly I wrote down lol)
Please enjoy the rambles of a madman fighting with his heart as he falls victim to yet another flawed JRPG 🙂
The first thing I’d like to talk about is the world, more specifically the map. The world designs are pretty great, they’re all grand and diverse like in the first game, maybe even more so to be honest, but my god do they not want you to traverse it. The [map is dogshit]. The player icon on the minimap uses the pointy end to indicate the way you're facing, but the main map always has the pointy end at the bottom, so everytime I check to see which way I need to go I think I'm facing south. It's also really bad at indicating paths to higher/lower levels, honestly just awful to navigate in general. You’re given nothing but a waypoint and a compass but if the way there requires going through a building to the West or an underground cave or even up over a tree, good luck finding that without looking it up online :) This is significantly worse in 2 or 3 areas with most of them being bad but not completely awful, but when I cross a bridge and the compass says “go straight” and there are stairs directly in front of me, I don’t expect to have to go around the stairs to an unmarked path.
The second thing is interesting because I’ve done such a 180 on it. In my notes I wrote down [combat is a step down from the first game] - At the time I didn't understand it very well and was just pushing the prompts when they lit up, even saying that it “feels like I'm player 2 or something, I can't strategize at all bc I don't even know why I'm winning”-- This is partly on me, but I can’t forgive the game for doing such an abysmal job with the tutorials. It’ll teach you how to do something once, and then you may not even be able to set up the execution again for hours, and there’s no way to check how exactly the combat works. The closest thing to a reminder is a control scheme which doesn’t explain how to use the combat effectively. However, after looking up a tutorial online on how to use blade combos and chain attacks, the combat in XC2, for me, now surpasses that of the first. There’s a lot to it, but once you get your head around it you really can win just about any fight by tweaking your team a little, making grinding much less necessary than previously. It’s great fun, it’s flashy, I love it.
Another complete 180 I pulled: [Characters are great, not quite XC1 level] – I can only assume that at this point in the game I was spending 90% of my time lost, and 10% of my time watching the party talk about something I’d forgotten we were doing. By the end of the game I can safely say that I fucking love the cast of XC2. I loved XC1’s group as well, but 2’s party all feel a bit more genuine and memorable to me. I have fond memories of almost every member for their own reasons and they all shine and grow in different ways. Comparatively, when I think of XC1, I remember Shulk, Reyn and Sharla fondly, but everyone else is a blur. I think this is largely due to the Heart-to-Heart scenes not being locked behind ridiculous requirements. A much needed change that makes 2 feel a lot more like a journey with friends than a journey with a couple friends and then people that tag along. (That’s a bit harsh/extreme but you get my point lol)

One thing that I have surprisingly little to say about, is the story. The characters and the world
‘Got’ me so much that even though I followed and enjoyed the story a lot I can’t really find anything to say about it. It’s a story of people and existence, tackles some really big questions about why different species exist, what purpose they serve, and most importantly it’s about perspective. What happens when an open question can have wildly conflicting answers? How could you ever know who is doing the right thing? If you are doing the right thing… This game has such a strong optimism through Rex that all people have the potential to be good, and even those who are doing wrong are simply misguided, and idk it’s not exactly a new concept but it’s executed so well that the entire game is brimming with hope, and that’s pretty amazing.
(For consistency, my note said [story good so far] lol)
I’ll try to wrap it up because I’ve hit the major beats by now, the rest of my notes were petty nitpicks or things that annoyed me to great length at that one time lol. To quickfire a few positives I’d like to say that the Blade system is really cool and I love how many rare blades have their own designs and even characters/side quests – it’s just a shame how unlucky I got with pulling them, at least 10 legendary cores gave me common blades and about 20 rare ones did the same :(
Furthermore, Nia’s voice is my favourite, maybe ever. (In contrast, Rex’s outfit is literally the ugliest thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon). The side quests are still not really worth doing imo, and the only one I made a point of doing was for a Poppi upgrade which I really wanted.. Man this quest nearly broke me. I had to go to 3 areas that I’d never been to before and bc the map is so ass I needed to follow videos for them all, and run past level 86 enemies that killed me instantly. All so I could run up to a glowing spot, press A to pick up a stick, fast travel back and do it again… What a boring fucking quest to do something so important. Sending mercs on a 30 minute mission and going to pick up dirt while I wait for them to get back. That quest took me like 2 hours and I fought 1 enemy during it, I was so pissed lol.
One final gripe, the characters and blades all talk soooo much during combat, and normally this doesn’t bother me at all (especially when Nia😌) but at some points a boss will speak to you about plot stuff during combat and you can’t fkn hear them over your party going “We can get them if we fight as one!” and shit lmao
Alright, I’m done. If you can’t tell by now, my relationship with this game has been hot and cold, but I can confidently say that I am truly grateful I stuck with it and in spite of it all will retain the good a lot stronger than the bad. Sure some of it is a huge slog, and it doesn’t explain anything very well, you will probably need youtube guides just to find where you’re going. But once you get there? Man. This game is fantastic.
It has a reputation of being horny and silly, and it definitely is at times, but there is so much more to it than that it’s almost a shame that it’s reputation almost encourages people to skip it. If you liked XC1, or even if you’ve played XC3 already, please give XC2 a chance.
This has run on far, far too long at this point but, well you knew what you were getting into lol.
Thanks for sticking it out this far guys, I hope you’re all having a great January. You’ll be glad to know my next JRPG completion won’t be for a good while, so only shorter reviews until then :p
Until next time :)

Blackgate was not even close to what I had in mind for my first new completion of 2023, but I needed space for Ridge Racer Type 4 and Secret Agent Clank so sacrifices had to be made.
In all honestly, this wasn't nearly as bad as expected. It was even almost pretty good. I am not really a fan of this genre from all the games I've tried but I think the fact that its Batman and the atmosphere were more than enough to get me moving forward. I think the Arkham formula honestly transfers quite well to this format, but there are a few pretty big hiccups that stop it from reaching its full potential.
Namely the controls are pretty finicky. Especially on vita, the bumpers are just really not reliable and they don't do this game any favors. It just feels a little bit too clunky. As im sure is common with this genre the amount of backtracking is just way too much. I really don't see why there is no way to fast travel between sections. Im sure most of my playtime was spent running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out how to just leave an area to go where I needed to be, and the map doesnt help with that at all. It's a 2D map but there's multiple sections where you can interact with the background or go up floors and this just does not translate which makes navigating more frustrating than it needs to be. Not to mention it doesn't orient itself either so you have to constantly open and close it to make sure you're going the right direction. Another complaint with this is the boss fights. While i think the Arkham combat works well on handheld still, most of the boss fights are more puzzle oriented. But they're just really annoying lmao. I don't think I had fun with a single one of them. Thankfully you can find the Darkest Night suit which negates any damage done to you which made the final boss fight much less of a headache. The last complaint is the story is just kinda sucky lol. You can fight the bosses in any order but that doesnt really change much. The biggest pro is Catwoman is featured heavily in it and she's my favorite DC character. But the ending is just really abrupt and unsatisfying. Its not terrible, it is a handheld spinoff after all. But its just another thing on the pile that kept me from loving it.
All those negatives aside, I still enjoyed my time with Blackgate overall and I liked it a lot more than I liked the actual Arkham Origins. It's a weird, often confusing and sometimes annoying mess but it was worth a play. In the end, at the very least I can cross beating a metroidvania off the bucket list.
Thank's for reading y'all, this has been a Nancyfly mini review <3
Nancymeter - 69/100
Time Played - 16 hours 46 minutes
Trophy Completion - 53% (21/31)
Game Completion #2 of January
Game Completion #2 of 2023

Honestly a pretty solid game to be fair. It takes a lot of inspiration from other games like Metro so it's hard to recommend without adding "but if it's the X you're interested in then Y does it better", but overall it's not half bad.
For a PS5 enhanced edition it still doesn't exactly look great, and clipping textures weren't uncommon, but idk I don't really care about stuff like that anyway. The load times were kinda long which was weird, but oh well. Other than that though I had a good time with it!
Gunplay feels pretty good, the inventory and weapon customisation was fairly standard/limited but it worked and I felt like I could play how I wanted/adapt to different situations well. The characters were present enough that I spoke and listened to them but I wouldn't call them memorable. The enemy designs and such are about what you'd expect from a Terminator game so I don't have much to say there either...
Man my reviews this year are starting weak as hell I don't have anything to say about either of my first two games lol. It's a Terminator game that's kinda similar to Metro Exodus but way smaller scale and lower budget. I thought it was pretty neat :p
Currently loaning my switch to a friend while he's in hospital (he's fine dw) so Xenoblade 2 is yet again on hold.
Hoping to get started with Horizon Forbidden West tomorrow and maybe chip away at some unfinished PS games or try out some short/sweet indies I was gifted on Steam, either way January isn't shaping up to be a very interesting month for completions :(

Hey y'all, one last review to close off the year. And a new pfp too! Goat Simulator 3 isn't exactly what I had in mind for the last game I'd end up beating this year but after so many up and downs it feels fitting to end things with a funny 6/10 meme game.
In some ways Goat Simulator 3 is a definite step up from its predecessor. It looks better, the events and missions are much easier to find. There is a homebase where new stuff is added as you level up and complete the events. Where the first game feels a bit aimless, this one having an actual structure alone makes it much better and actually leads way to a surprisingly fun finale. There are still loads of hidden secrets and easter eggs to find so the huge crowd of hard boiled Goatcore folks won't have a reason to cry about it being too streamlined and casual (who are we kidding they're one of the most well known toxic fanbases anyways). All the new additions are good. It's fun to run around as some different animals - or otherwise - and the ragdoll physics are as fun as ever. The game is intentionally unpolished, but I rarely had bugs that didnt feel fully intended besides falling out of the map once or twice. My biggest complaint is that all the minigames are locked into co-op. I played this solo so I never got to try any. The fact there's no versions with AI or anything is a pretty big letdown.
The other downside to this game isn't really its fault. The variety of the DLCS in the first game is pretty inseparable to the package as a whole, and since this game just came out It doesn't feel entirely fair to have a final word on this yet. Assuming this game continues to get updated and expanded, I am looking forward to seeing if it can one day truly surpass the original. Or not? Really I'm just happy i got this for christmas I think owning a physical copy of this for PS5 is fuckin hilarious.
Happy New Year guys. I've promised a lot of reviews and I hope to continue to provide more as I continue my gaming adventures. I appreciate any and all of you that decide to stick with me. Re4... Spider Man 2..... man next year is gonna be great for gaming. Can't wait.
Thanks for reading <3
Nancymeter - 65/100
Time Played - 8 hours 9 minutes
Trophy Completion - 81% (33/39)
Game Completion #17 of December
Game Completion #162 of 2022

There's so many things I want to say about this game. So many things I don't quite understand or am still thinking on. So much I loved - all the new cast and music is fantastic - so much that left me so...unsure (everything). I don't really know if my feelings will ever settle on it. So much of the story is fantastic and yet the big plot points leave me perplexed and excited and.. disappointed and hell I'd forgive all of it if it just made me cry. There's some emotional moments and some of the Somniums are wonderful symbolism but the ending and everything just leaves me feeling so unsatisfied. This game is far more meta than its predecessor and because of that its simultaneously far more brilliant and so much less emotionally compelling. I cried at the ending of the first game and at the end of this one I was just wishing I could. The climax feels stunted and lacks impact because a key character is already dead before it and its attempts at replicating the best parts of the original ending just fall flat. Ryuki is a great new protagonist but his usage in the second half of the game is just completely fumbled. But how much of this is my fault? I took a month long break inbetween this game when I wasn't even that far from the ending. How much did I miss? How much did I forget? I spent over fifty hours on this game how could anyone remember every finely put detail? Would i love it or understand it anymore if I could?
I need to replay this game sometime. In the you know what order. I don't know if it'll get me any closer to a definitive understanding of my overall feelings on this game but surely it'll give me something. I feel empty after beating this. Similarly felt the same about Danganronpa V3 which also has a bit of an infamous twist. You can rag on both of these games for being too silly and having a stupid sense of humor and fuck, yeah I love that about both of them but.. even though my turmoil for either is with different circumstances I knew the second the credits rolled that they were gonna be games I'm pondering about for as long as I'll be able to remember enough to ponder.
I guess all i have to say for sure is I love Mizuki and I need a third game. You and everyone else who wrote this are sick fucks, Mr. Uchikoshi and I hope you never change.
I'm distraught. I might delete this review. Its not a good one but hell even nearly a year later I still havent been able to compile my thoughts on the original to review that properly either. I'm sorry you had to read this but if you did I hope you did it like the way Jacob Geller ends an uncertain analysis. I got the collectors edition of this thing, my first figure of Aiba. I own this game both on switch and playstation! I don't regret that at all. Just looking back on how excited I was for this makes me wish maybe I never played it in the first place. Until next time folks
Please share your thoughts i feel like im going insane
Update #1 After talking with my BF a bit more about the story i definitely feel less upset about the plot and want to try playing this again someday, but i cant shake how empty most of the ending felt for me and for that i've decided to give this game a 94/100, aka the closest i can give something to being a 5/5 without a 5/5. I havent even touched on some of my other thoughts about different parts of the game but Im just so overwhelmed and exhausted by this experience as a whole that I dont think ill cover the rest. I need to take a big step back from this before i attempt it again.
Update #2
Im going back for some trophies cuz i planned on this being my 225th milestone. Replaying a lot of parts and remembering all the stuff I really like. There's still so much I dislike but ugh I simply just can't wrap my head around it. I've been thinking about how my scale says i define a 5/5 as near perfect and I really think thats what this is. So close to perfect but its not. I had similar problem with some other movies this year and decided a 95 and a 5/5 was fair so im gonna keep this score and try not to think about this game anymore before i disintegrate
Update #3 lmao
Man. As i'm typing this i got the platinum after working on it all night. While I was playing it i got frustrated at trophies and remembered some more complaints I have about this game... man I just dont know. I've unlocked the ending cutscene in bonus and have just been letting it play. I still think the finale could of been a little better, I still think they really fucked up Ryuki, i still am not sure about the twist, but.. this game and series means way too much to me! I love this cast and I'm so happy with the new additions and what they did with Mizuki in this. I have the collectors edition box and figure on my headboard and shit! Looking through all my other favorite games even though i hate this one its still so much better and i love it so much more than most games that ever existed. Ive seen this ending multiple times now and it makes me happy. Even if its not what I wanted, i'm happy. And i think it got me a little teary eyed thinking about it all, so in the ending maybe it did succeed after all.
I've updated this review multiple times over the course of the day and a half since I've beat this. I just hope this isnt the last we see of this series. I'm gonna stop talking now as this is just becoming the diary of a mentally ill woman's attachment to fictional people and how easy she is to sway with large dance numbers.
Also! I keep forgetting but I'm proud ProZD is in this hes a good boy
Nancymeter - 97/100
Time Played - 69 hours 32 (and counting)
Trophy Completion - 100% (49/49) Platinum #225
Game Completion #7 of December
Game Completion #153 of 2022

The original My Name Is Mayo is pretty much the poster child of the easy trophy genre. Trophies are a great way to increase your playtime with games and it turns out that little dopamine hit you get with every "ding!" can be quite addicting for some. It did not take very long for developers to capitalize on it. The trophy hunting crowd is surprisingly big and full of everyone from casuals to of course "hardcore gamers" who get mad at people who don't solely go for "Beat the game without dying while you're blinded and dismembered" type of trophies. Its a sizeable crowd of addicts and makes it easy for publishers to take one of two routes. They can shit out shovelware asset flips for like two bucks. Or they can use the promise of easy trophies (that often unlock far before completion of the game) to get hunters to try out an obscure indie game and maybe even like it enough to beat it. I chose to believe the second option was done the most. Even if most of the games end up being cheaply made or bad, with how some hunters even buy the same game in different regions or across systems to stack I can't deny how enticing the profit sounds. However overtime it quickly became a lot more of the first option. You couldn't look at the new games section on PS5 without being spammed with shit like "Hot Dog Jump" and "Hot Dog Turbo Jump" and it was actually insulting. Sony never bothered before because its more money for them but it got so bad they actually did something for once and delisted most games like that.
So, that's all the background information you really need about these types of games. My Name is Mayo is the most popular one. You simply click X a few thousand times and boom that's 50 trophies for you. For every couple milestones you'd get a little random fact. Or you could do some side stories (if you can really even call them that) that would maybe put your mayo in a costume or do something silly with the background with every new milestone you reached. Basically the very bare minimum to even call it a game, its pretty lazy even for a clicker game. But the sillyness and quickness of just tapping a jar of food a bunch made it become both popular and infamous. The sequel, My Name Is Mayo 2, was surprisingly an improvement. It's still pretty terrible but it looked better, had a few minigames and was a little funnier too. Unfortunately 3 feels like a step down.
It is funny to me that this series falls into the common trilogy trap of the 2nd being the best and the third being kinda uninspired. This is certainly the best looking of the three, it tries to go for like a 60s vibe. But everything else leaves a bit to be desired, even for a game of this quality. The little side stories are dull and sometimes even derivative of previous entries, and only once do something interesting with the background. But after you've gone through all of those you unlock a bonus final story. Now you are no longer tapping the jar, but instead holding up the left stick as you peacefully walk up a randomly generated forest. With a goal of making it ten miles. Each mile you unlock a trophy and a little blurb like usual. Along the trail you can find different types of mushrooms. These will either change the visuals in a psychedelic way which is cute, or will throw you into a random minigame. Before you start it briefly shows you what buttons are used but it never tells you what they do or what you're supposed to do. All of these minigames are terribly designed, terribly explained and feel terrible to play. What's worse is for the little story bits it tries to be a solemn reflection on the titular Mayo's father passing. This would of been a great opportunity to reflect on trophies or something in a meta way, but they try to do some wholesome "spend time with your loved ones thing" and with how its framed - you being a fucking jar of mayo, for one - it comes off like a really longwinded, out of touch and borderline disrespectful joke. Good intentions or not it just feels gross and cheap. It soured the already lackluster experience to begin with. This is the worst one yet.
Nancymeter - 30/100
Time Played - 1 hour 25 minutes
Trophy Completion - 100% (51/51) Platinum #226
Game Completion #8 of December
Game Completion #154 of 2022

It's hard to rate a game when It's supposed to be bad on purpose. The whole point of the game is that its janky unfinished and terrible. One could argue that if a game is trying to be as awful as possible and succeeds in that it has achieved everything it set out to be. But if its not meant to be good then well.... it just simply can't be good.
"DEEEER Simulator" is not good. It's bad. On purpose maybe. but that doesn't make it any less bad. It's fun for about ten minutes which is at best the whole time you'll play it and at worst like a sixth of that unless you try to go for all the trophies. I'm not one to like to talk about price but the fact that this game is regularly 15 dollars is a bit absurd, especially with a 5 dollar DLC (Which might be deserving of that, I haven't played it). One hour can potentially be worth 15 dollars if its a fantastic game but since this is purposely awful the price point is a bit egregious. Goat Simulator at the very least had dozens of easter eggs and secrets and more things to do than just shooting while also being more affordable. DEEEER has some of those things but excels at none of them. It does however have a story of sorts to it. Which was funny for what it was but really just none of this game is really worth seeing yourself unless it gets a really steep discount. Its not particularly hilarious or creative its just a few semi good jokes and a way to kill an hour or two. It doesnt help that the jank is too much, the game is really frustrating to control at times and just made it less fun. Some of the boss fights are a bit of a pain but dying to them respawns you with more health. This is a bit silly but trust me in a game like this its challenging enough trying to play it normally. By design or not, this one isn't really worth your time.
Thanks for reading my little mini review on a game I played because I was bored and procrastinating. <3
Nancymeter - 43/100
Trophy Completion - 90% (15/17)
Time Played - 1 hours 52 minutes
Game Completion #151 of 2022
Game Completion #5 of December

Modern Warfare and Call of Duty as a whole has always been a series that meant a lot to me. The original MW2 was one of if not my very first video game experiences. My dad was big on xbox and Call of Duty so that's what I spent a lot of my time playing as a kid, yknow way back when you'd still get made fun of for being a girl that plays video games lol. I was never pro level but I got quite (inconsistently) good at multiplayer. But what really mattered most to me was the campaigns. Modern Warfare especially I have incredibly fond memories of replaying the trilogy repeatedly. Sometimes id just replay specific levels that I thought were just that cool.
I eventually fell off on the series as a whole. Especially when they introduced Black Ops 4 as not even having a campaign I just gave up on caring about the franchises direction. But relatively recently I've been replaying the series and getting to ones I've skipped like World War 2 and Infinite Warfare. These are all widely varying in quality but with the exception of BO4 and Vanguard (which i've not tried the campaign) I've enjoyed them all. The real standout for me though was the Modern Warfare reboot. I was both really curious and cautious about rebooting the franchise but Modern Warfare 2019 turned out to be one of my favorite games in the series (can't beat Black Ops 2 though). So I was really pumped for this game. And while it mostly delivered on what I wanted, I can't help but feel a little disappointed overall.
The 2019 campaign can be criticized for relying on shock value and such but for me personally it really worked. One of the first missions I had to put the game down because it got me too emotional. I loved the gunplay and the story and holy fuck Clean House is the coolest mission of any fps since anything from Titanfall 2. Basically all I wanted from this game was to have more levels like that (really I want an entire game of just levels like that) and actually this game does have a lot of similar segments which left me very pleased. I didn't get my dream of Clean House raiding a massive drug cartel compound because they forced that to be an overlong AC-130 mission but I was happy with what I did get. But that's kinda all my positives about the campaign. I still really enjoyed it but it just lacked a lot of what was so compelling about 2019 for me. It really feels like they were taking a step back and aside from a few instances the game as a whole just feels like its playing it very safe. It never hit hard for me like its predecessor. The cast is really good but the main villain is completely forgettable and the more interesting one is dealt with in a very unsatisfying boss fight. The final level also felt incredibly underwhelming and the only cool thing about it was all the sequel bait for the inevitable third entry. Which I am still very excited for. Idk, I'm really conflicted here lol. On one hand its nowhere near as good as 2019 but on the other its still a really solid time as a whole.
The multiplayer is a different matter however. I don't care much for this side of the series anymore but this is just one of my probably least favorite mps ever? Cold War was fucking broken but it was at least still fun. 2019 wasnt great either but it still felt good. This just doesnt have any of that. I don't like the lightning fast TTK and the 15 or so matches i played all just mostly kept putting me in the same three boring maps from the beta. Not to mention the incredibly stupid way loadout customization is set up.
In all honesty though, the worst thing about this game is the UI. It's fucking BAD. Why the main menu has spots dedicated to the other games is beyond me. Its just so cluttered and ugly. When I came back to this game after a pretty long hiatus It took me like two minutes to find where the fuck the campaign even was. Its terrible and another reason why I hate Warzone and its consequences.
The game is also pretty buggy. I think it may of gotten better after the day one patch but there were so many times that a character model would glitch out or the scripting just completely failed. My teammates would just stand there and do nothing. Restarting the checkpoint wouldn't fix this issue either and I had to redo entire levels to get them to work properly which is the bare miminum you can ask for a game.
This has been a pretty negative review. But I do want to emphasis I still like this game. I think its a good game. Just for a franchise this big and with its predecessors being so good I expect a bit more polish. Who knows, maybe when I replay this down the line on Realism difficulty I'll like it more.
I'd give it a 4/5 in a heartbeat if it used the original MW2 soundtrack instead.
Thank's for reading <3
Nancymeter - 75/100
Trophy Completion - 33% (9/25)
Time Played - 19 hours 5 minutes
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