I'm not sure if this game was made for me or not. The story being mostly nonsensical and confusing leaves basically the gameplay as the center point for this game. With the understanding that the game was made in 2009, I'd go a bit easy on it and say that it was probably very good for its time. I'd say that since then, it's very much shown its age. Though, I won't deduct anything from the score for that because it's not its fault.
The game's highlights were really its characters. Rodin and Luka were probably my favorites. Jeanne and Bayonetta herself were alright but I felt like the comic relief character with the bad Joe Pesci voice impression (whose name I don't recall) was kind of annoying and mostly forgettable. I'd give this game probably about a 75; mostly due to the soundtrack and characters.

I really wanted to like this game. I really tried. I beat this game basically out of sheer stubbornness. I just did not vibe with this at all. I thought the game was incredibly janky at times. When it was fun, it was fun. But the camera and controls just worked against me too many times to handle. I also hated the final boss. When I finally beat them and got the true ending, it didn't really feel like it was worth it. I would give this game a 70% really mostly because of nostalgia for the series, but not really for much else. This is just not a game that I'm going to want to play more of now that I finally finished it.

Really liked this game better than the first one. My complains are mostly about how this was handled on the switch. There were some stuttering issues especially going in and out of somniums and during some cutscenes. Took away from the game a bit. That being said there was a lot to like about it. The characters were charming and I really liked the addition of Tama quite a bit. While the ending parts were very confusing, I was able to turn my brain off for a good part of it. Though I do wish it would have been a bit more logical. Over all I'd give the game a 9.3/10. Also Aiba is still cute

Pretty easy game. Very cute but short and easy. I would have liked it to be a bit longer I suppose.

Granted I'm not the target audience for hack and slash games usually, save for Kingdom Hearts. The game was overall enjoyable. I felt it get a bit repetitive, which I know is mostly the nature of the genre. I thought the characters were generally interesting and it did throw in a lot of mechanics to try to keep things from getting stale too too quickly. I'm interested to play the sequel coming out soon, though I feel like my rating would probably mostly stay the same unless it really wowed me. 8/10

Finished Black Eagles and working on Golden Deer right now. The characters in this are phenomenal. This truly feels like a real world with real people in it, just with a bit more flourish. I think my only real complaint about it is that I wish it would let you do the other routes a bit more easily and without having to retread everything every time.

I enjoyed this game mostly for the combat to be honest. The characters were mostly forgettable and the story was also really just -OK-. I feel like this is mostly carried by the mostly interesting world map and the gameplay.

I don’t know why everyone rags on this game. Is it GOTY? No. Is it fun for 40 hours? Yeah I think so. Characters are interesting and story is great. Dungeons are kind of meh but I think everything else makes up for it really

One of the best SMT games ever. Great story, great characters, engaging gameplay. One of the top entries in the series for sure

Amazingly fun multiplayer. Nothing beat staying up way late into the night with friends to lose miserably and have a blast doing it.

Great fun to play with friends and goof around in

Peak multiplayer and COD singleplayer

ME2 and 3 were some of the best game for their time. Really enjoyed playing them again

The only Mass Effect game that I didn't really care for. I mostly skipped through this one