just a guy really into video games.
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Persona 3 Reload
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Mar 11

It Takes Two
It Takes Two

Mar 06

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Beautiful, angry, raw. This game explores the struggles of queer youth during the pandemic in Italy through an outwardly flamboyant and hedonistic tone both in its aesthetics and narrative, revealing some real anger and frustration boiling underneath the surface. It might not have the most polished writing and themes, but it is worth playing just to experience a confident narrative from a point of view that is fresh and deeply personal.

I really liked the game up until it decided to throw in a cursed Sen's Fortress/Blighttown crossover section forcing you to do precision platforming with the awful jumping mechanics of Souls games pre Elden Ring while being shot at from a distance. How could anyone think this was a good idea? Did they think people liked the platforming in Souls games?

I could spend endless more hours in this world, deducing languages and nuances in the relationships between them, such a deeply satisfying experience, enhanced by an enchanting soundtrack and mesmerizing art and architecture blending between cozy and luscious and oppressive and intimidating expertly.