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Amazing. God tier OST, fun gameplay. Community is a little cringey sometimes but if you can isolate the game from that, it's a great experience.

Toxic community and an abundance of players either smurfing or boosted makes finding a truly fair match few and far between. Champions in this game are neat and have cool mechanics, but the game itself is heavily reliant on economy and that makes the gameplay slow paced and drag on. Late game fights are fun and dynamic, but the community lacks game knowledge and it drags the whole experience down a bit in my opinion. A 5-stack is always preferred in this game.

This is probably the game I have sunk the most hours into in my entire life. I have legitimacy to make this claim when I say, this game is a solid MOBA. It's obviously not up to snuff with League, but it's a solid teamfight based alternative. There is less emphasis on the laning phase and more on objective based MOBA gameplay. I think this game has the potential to be amazing sometimes, and other times not so much when the developers actively shoot themselves in the foot (aka. weather related RNG and gladiator's medallion recently).

It was good! I didn't really care for the academy stuff, which sort of killed the replayability of the other routes. Otherwise, fun SRPG that I sunk 130+ hours into.

Quirky, fun little puzzle game. Was definitely worth picking up for the soundtrack alone.

Amazing narrative, amazing ost, but ridiculously difficult. Good luck.

Not really a rhythm game player, but this was pretty good. Completely 100%'d the game, even All Night difficulty. It was truly great, really enjoyed.

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Reworked Akechi, added two new amazing character, way better true ending than the original. Also the new OST tracks are nuts. Great upgrade, good QoL changes too.

God tier story, amazing characters. Only real drawback was lack of overall party controls. Plenty of fanmade hacks to fix that if desired, however. OST is spectacular too.

Played before it was free from Vita hell, fantastic RPG with lively characters. Pretty long too, bang for your buck.

Fantastic platformer, probably one of my favorites. Played on DSi, 3DS, and on Windows. One of the all-time greats.