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A wild experience, I fondly remember the city level.

Not a fan of the minigames

druggies should not be allowed to make video games

В оригинальной игре в любой момент можно было зайти в папку с игрой и удалить файл любого персонажа, чтобы посмотреть на то, как на это отреагирует игра. В DDLC+ файловую систему игры перелопатили. Теперь при выходе из игры появляется виртуальная машина с файлами/почтой/картинками и музыкой. Удалить вручную можно только файл Моники в 4-м акте, либо до начала новой игры, чтобы получить быструю концовку.
Игра официально локализирована. С кучей ошибок, опечатками и максимальным смягчением остроты реплик, в сравнении с фанатской русификацией оригинала.
Из нововведений - почта, новые арты и музыка, а также шесть совершенно необязательных дополнительных пятиминутных историй о жизни литературного клуба, которые сначала нужно открыть, пройдя (снова) все руты персонажей в основной игре.
После просмотра этих дополнительных историй (вариантов выбора в них нет, главный герой в них не участвует) открывается седьмая история, которая является новой "верной" концовкой игры.
Итого, имеем абсолютно бездарное платное переиздание бесплатной игры, в котором испортили файлы персонажей и их пасхалки.
Единственная ценность DDLC+ это возможность приобрести физическое издание игры для консоли.

My wife and I are shelving this, not because we're sick of it after several weeks of constant play, but because we're so willing to sink more and more time into it. At some point I've gotta play other games!

Bolting a city-builder onto a roguelike superstructure is a clever concept, but it's not without risks. A single game of most city-builders is a long endeavor, often taking multiple days of play and feeling like a complete experience in and of itself. How then do you strike a balance where each game is lightweight enough to play multiple in succession, but they still retain the long-term experiential arc that's core to the city-builder genre?

Against the Storm manages this spectacularly, targeting each individual settlement somewhere between three to five hours, depending on the difficulty level and the player's experience. It ends up working out most of the time so that just as you get the highest level of technology up and running, it's time to start getting those last few Reputation points and finishing the settlement. It's just shy of rushed, the perfect amount of time to add the extra challenge of figuring out when to switch focus from sustainability to a sprint for the finish.

Because the player is doing many more cities from the gound up than they would in other city-builders, there's another risk that the play would grow stale. The game avoids this through several layers of clever randomization which combine to push different settlements in different directions. Each settlement is placed in one of a handful of different biomes with different resources readily available; you have a different subset of the five species in your settlement, each with their own strengths and desires; and most crucially, you can only choose from a limited set of building blueprints.

I think the building system is the most inspired part of this game. Most buildings exist to process raw materials into outputs. Each building has three recipes: for example, you can make flour out of grain, roots, or mushrooms. You can make biscuits out of flour plus herbs, berries, or roots. The core ingredients are always the same, but different buildings have more or less efficient recipes for different products, as well as different sets of recipes.

This simple concept causes an incredible amount of variety between runs. If you get a Rain Mill blueprint (excellent flour production but only poor recipes otherwise) you'll know you need to prioritize buildings that make baked goods. But if you get the Press (poor flour production but excellent oil), you'll be able to make a few biscuits but you shouldn't make it a pillar of your settlement. The ramifications ripple out to make each run feel genuinely unique and improvisational in a way even the best roguelikes often struggle to achieve.

The meta-progression helps with this. Each game exists as part of a larger-scale run called a "cycle", which will often contain six or more separate settlements, working towards a final extra-difficult settlement that unlocks the next difficulty level. The cycle system means that you're strongly motivated not to just give up on a settlement that isn't set up for your preferred strategy without damaging your larger-scale progress. Every settlement is important, so every strategy has to be considered.

I can’t claim that when I finished this I imagined it would become one of the most beloved franchises of the early 21st century, but it certainly made space for serious narrative and a sense of wonder.

I did however find the controls clunky and unresponsive at times with a far too heavy focus on mindless gun play that didn’t go any further than cover, shoot, cover.

Early Access, tabi ki puanlamak için erken ama şimdilik çerezlik oyun kategorisinde diyorum. Amaçsız hissettiriyor bir çok yerde. Başlangıç olarak çok keyif aldım ama birsüre sonra bosslar çok kolay geldi ve nihayi amacımı anlayamadım.

Zup! 3 es el típico juego de Steam que existe por y para farmear logros, los cuales de momento siguen siendo bastante feos con lo que no merecen la pena ni para decorar tu perfil de Steam.

Son puzles extremadamente sencillos y repetitivos, pero bueno, da muchos logros, demasiado largo eso si.

Es mas de lo mismo respecto a la primera y segunda entrega, intenta innovar un poco tirando al final, pero la mejora clara se ve en las siguientes entregas, con lo que sigue siendo demasiado repetitivo todavía, no mejora mucho en adelante, pero algo mas entretenidos si que se vuelven.

I haven't completed the $30 expansion, but I have a feeling it won't change my mind much. (If it does I'll make sure to update this review)

This is as bare bones Pokémon has been since Leaf Green and Fire Red back on the GameBoy Advanced.

The new Pokémon are pretty fantastic, but besides that, everything is really middle of the road or worst.

The gym leaders are forgettable. Hop is annoying. I like Leon, actually - Even if his design stinks.

Pokémon Camp and Dynamaxing is just a poor man's Amie and Mega Evolutions. Nothing this game does is a stand out. It's just middle of the road.

The environments are really piss poor most of the time. Some cities may have nice designs, but they're nothing more than hallways or plain open spaces. The wild area is kind of plain and ugly.

Even with the Dexit controversy and the clear tight deadline the developers were under, this IS Pokémon. Pokémon is a hard game to make bad or even average.

Collect Pokémon, raise and battle your team of monsters, collect gym badges and defeat the elite four. It's all really solid and fun - Even if it maybe one of the weakest mainline entries in the franchise's history,

i put an ungodly amount of hours into this shit

Great game but disgusting gacha systems (Battle bass, Pay-only banners)

// Known as 'Speed Freaks' in UK //

A classic blockbuster rental this game. A game to rinse over the weekend and maybe have a blast on its 4 player split screen mode if you get some mates round. Come Sunday hand-in, you won't feel bad about the loss but suitability satiated by a solid kart racing experience.

I cannot help but feel this was internally pitched as 'Rayman Karting' giving the lack of limbs of our cutesy racers. It may have been rejected from this license but there is a good game here. Tires seem to touch the track as you course over various surfaces in a tactile way. Each track is colourful and flavourful enough too; and the pleasing sound when using the boost seems nestled into my childhood cupboard of memorable sounds. "vvvpppvvvpppffff..."?

What is there to say really, it is all above board and good, and perhaps only lacking an aforementioned license or gimmick to really set it apart. The sound effects, the characters, the weapon pick ups all feel polished and primed to deliver fun. Back then, that's all a game needed to be I guess.

This is about to be my favorite game series ever. I didn’t love the combat at first. The story starts strong but then took some time to pick up again. At least for my standards. I knew I had to stick with it though because I was completely sold on Kiryu and Majima and the contrast between the story and the open world activities. It was absolutely worth it. I didn’t expect to love the story and every single character like that. Even the characters you may hate, you can’t help but like. I loved the minigames and the substories. I played on easy because I didn’t like the combat, but I hope as I keep playing the series I can improve because I now love the combat. Even by the end when you’ve seen the same animations on repeat, it never gets old. Plus even with the old ones, I feel like I kept seeing new heat animations frequently enough by the end of it. I want to finish the series and come back for at least most of what I may have missed. There’s so much more I could say but I gotta go play Kiwami now. Bye-bye.

Hello Charlotte 1 is a hidden gem. A beautiful one, at that, despite the fact that it's just a little bit rough around the edges.

I discovered this game by sheer luck. Back in 11th grade, I was recommended a HC meme group on VK (think Facebook but for Eastern Europeans), and eventually, I became interested.

Despite being a little over than an hour in playtime, this game certainly feels longer than that, due to the fact that you get too invested in the story and its characters, even if there aren't many.

The art style is just immaculate. The writing is really interesting and definitely unique. (I appreciate the Kurt Vonnegut references that are Felix Honikker and the Slaughterhouse-5 location). In the pile of many RPG Maker games, this really stands out, simply because it does its own thing, without trying to follow any trends all too much. This feels like an actual passion project, rather than a product.

Being honest, I didn't jump into it blind. But after a good while, I forgot the spoilers, and I managed to jump into this blind. I nearly cried at the ending, considering how... actually, how about you play the game and see it for yourself?

This game actually influenced me. Congratulations, Etherane, you actually made my lazy ass to start reading books.

Great fun, way ahead of its time.

What it feels like to have your favorite franchise "changed" by pulling the rug from under you. I liked the original Paper Mario and am an even bigger fan of TTYD. The 3D perspective-switching was great, but the transition of the combat system to real-time was not so great.

An ideal way to play Naughty Dog’s classic series. I’ve reviewed the individual games elsewhere.

Perhaps I should have played this when it came out to better enjoy the mechanics, by the time I reached it some of the shooting felt a touch dated.

Not as compelling a plot as Uncharted 2 for my money but still a fantastic adventure full of excitement and a surprisingly good script.

A considerable improvement on the first game with much greater scope and adventure. The characters have developed a greater sense of weight and purpose this time round.

An adventure not to be missed.

El mayor reclamo del juego, usar un solo brazo, apenas está presente como mecánica que añada dificultad, en ese aspecto es bastante decepcionante.

While buggy and underbaked in a lot of areas, there will always be something special about the first generation of Pokémon games.

The move pool for a lot of Pokémon are limited - Charizard doesn't get a fire move besides 'Ember' until the TM Blain gives you. Physic Pokémon don't really have a counter and the game feels slow.

But, the off model sprites and the overall clunkiness is just charming. These are GameBoy games after all. This pushed the hardware to it's knees. The bugs are also fun as Hell to exploit and make each playthrough feel fun and exciting.

The game is just simple and fun - It tries really hard and that's something that just feels lacking in modern Pokémon. It's darker than the rest of the franchise, takes risks, it's just special.

boss fights are fire but moving around the city is terrible

Wolf 3D for the time is a 5/5, a classic that I rarely touched when I was younger, from id Software I got to play mostly doom 1 and 2 and quake, even played eternal and 2016 but never touched the wolfenstein series. The original game was a home computer with stealth based mechanics, a pretty simple game at the time called Castle Wolfenstein.

The game serves with 6 episodes that are 10 levels each, the main storyline is involved about the first 3 eps, and the rest are some kind of prequels. Wolfenstein is the father of doom, a first person game about shooting nazi soldiers, in this game you have the knife,the pistol,smg, and the beloved chain gun.
Wondering in the first levels you can collect jewellery for your personal score getting points, after each level you get an extra live and if you waste all of them you begin at the first level of the episode. Id Software had other games with the raycasting engine, but this one was their big hit if we are not gonna include catacombs 3d which was the first game that had this modern raycasting engine in it. Just like doom this game has a lot of modding, name brutal mods or even ultra hd graphics pack even some ongoing projects at the current time of writing this review though the dos version of this game is pretty clunky and it does not feel that good so if you encounter problems with the game please try installing gzdoom and ecwolf.

The story is about William "B.J." Blazkowicz, a captured american by the nazis in the dungeons, BJ's plan is to escape and collect intel about their plans while escaping. Eventually he got out by taking a knife and killing a guard and that's how E1M1 starts, shortly you get a pistol and a submachine gun and at the end you fight with Hans, a huge man with dual wield chain guns that drops a key to the underground of their base. The second episode we got the manufactured nazi soldiers, that's doctor doctor schabbs hand to create a mutant zombie army for the 4th reich, so by going underground and fighting with those machines you finally get to stop schabbs and end his plan. In the 3rd episode you get to end the fuhrer himself in his fuhrerbunker in berlin, you take the fight and prepare your chain gun because now it's the time to end it all, as the game is set on 1945 you already know this is the end, after fighting with some soldiers and some kind of vampires you take the golden key and you fight with adolf, he has a robotic armor but that does not stop you from watching his deathcam and a last avidazen and your goal is completed. Escape from castle wolfenstein, operation eisenfaust and die fuhrer are the main trilogy of the episodes, you still have some prequels and spear of destinity but that's all. Might play the rest of the extra content and will call it a day.

Mickey e Minnie estavam na deles no meio da floresta, e vem uma bruxa e pega a Minnie a troco de nada (??) Agora tem que salvar ela, vê se pode >:v
Antigamente eram tantas mídias que usavam do roteiro de namorada sequestrada, que eu cheguei a pensar que era proibido namorar kkkk

Castle of Illusion, na sua essência, possui um charme que só o Mega Drive podia fornecer, com seus efeitos sonoros chiptune e gráficos fazendo ótimo uso de cores. Você explora diversas áreas para encontrar as jóias que abrirão seu caminho para a Minnie, e é tudo muito criativo, com todo o toque da Disney.

Só a jogabilidade que não podia ser mais simples. Você ataca dando bundada nos inimigos ou jogando bolinhas, nesse quesito, é um jogo de plataforma bem básico, mas não deixa de ser um clássico que teve tanta popularidade que ganhou remake em 2013.

Esse jogo inclusive já chegou a aparecer em reportagem na Globo kkkk
O garoto Beto jogava com a repórter e explicava tudo que acontecia no jogo, o melhor caminho pra tomar e porque se m@t@r em certos momentos, como se ela estivesse entendendo tudo, era muito bom kkkkkkk

Persona 3: Reload

¿Obra maestra? Un pedazo de remake 1:1 y añadiendo cosillas nuevas en cuanto a SL con los pibes.

La verdad es que este juego es top juegos de la historia.


Un remake del 4... 👉👈

this game came at the worst yet also perfect time in my life. kinda dumb to say this about a game that came out like 3 weeks ago but thank you for the memories.

As a 1992 brawler (backloggd says it's from 1993, but it's wrong), it is short and a little simple. But as a port of an already-classic arcade game, it is incredibly faithful, while improving the game in almost every respect. Frankly, play this over the Arcade version. It's good!

Un bon souls like qui manque malheureusement de boss vraiment marquants.

cirno fans killed the series and elitists put it in the coffin