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raphael casually having one of the hardest themes of all time

The presentation, visuals, and sound are all really good and a huge step up from Diablo 3. I was surprised the game even had consistent cutscenes for the main story.
But that alone doesn't make up for how easy it is. I never felt a sense of urgency in large crowds other than a couple of bosses where dodging was actually useful. Abilities feel pointless as they all evenly contribute to the chaos, so I never felt like I had to step outside of my comfort zone to try new ones. Then the sense of progression is lost when everything scales with your level, it only made finding loot / leveling up feel pointless when enemies are getting stronger with me.
Seeing I didn't enjoy either Diablo 3 or 4, I think the series just may not be for me.

Raising an undead army, casting fiery infernos, slashing swords around and covering the world in blood. Yup, Diablo is back! As someone who did enjoy the linearity of Diablo III, I was slightly sceptical about the open-world aspect. But damn the amount of content thrown into this game is enormous! Five expansive regions, side quests, stat increasing statues, optional dungeons, cellars, strongholds, PVP hell fields, world bosses, events...it just keeps going and going and going. Despite the gameplay loop remaining unchanged, it's still addictive as ever (you can't deny it!). Decimating a crowd of enemies, changing armour for slight increased stats and collecting all the remaining gold is just simplistically satisfying. The campaign slapped, decently paced with gorgeous cinematics...
...post-campaign is where the issues start to show up. The level scaling becomes aggressively obnoxious - being level 50 feels no stronger than being level 2. The loot less impressive. The side quests repetitive. The mount's cooldown infuriating. The whole serotonin release from the progression just slows down to a halt.
So yeah, playing through the campaign was a blast, especially in co-op. The post-game clear-up though displays the cracks within Blizzard's hellish feast of carnage.

The Wolf Among Us is a classic Telltale game. The developers innovated with a genre that lets the player decide the main character's decisions and how it changes the story, and it's no different here.
Telltale did a great job with the first season of The Walking Dead and tried to use the same mechanics with other franchises, such as Batman and Back to the Future. Almost all of them were not as good as their first hit, but The Wolf Among Us is one of the exceptions.
The Wolf Among Us has one of the best stories of a Telltale game. You play as a detective werewolf who lives in a society of fairy tale creatures trying to hide in the normal world. There is a mystery going on that you have to solve. How will you do that? By choosing the right dialogue options and deciding correctly where you will investigate.
There is almost nothing of traditional gameplay here. The only action segments are quick time events. You only control the character in a small scenarios and walk through the places to find points of interest.
I had a bad performance playing on my PlayStation Vita. I know it's not the best version of the game, but it's pretty common to see bugs and frame drops in Telltale games, even on the most powerful hardware.
It's a beautiful game for its time. The developers tried to simulate a comic book visual and did a great job, even with the performance issues.
If you like good narratives, The Wolf Among Us is a great game for you. I don't recommend it if you are not a fan of slow and narrative-driven games.

I always heard people talking about Inside and wanted to live this experience. Now that I played I understand why people love it.
The game don't tell you the story and left to you try to understand what's happening. Everything on the background is intersting and let you think what's going on.
The characters moviments are incredible for a indie game from 2016. The puzzles are also enjoyable.
Inside is a short game that every gamer has to play.
If you see Inside on sale or if you have Xbox Game Pass, play it.

Portal is a classic game that changed the industry forever. I played Portal 2 years before but the original game was in my backlog since its release. A few weeks ago, I turned on my PS3 after so many years and finally gave it a chance.
When you play this game on the PS3 you see how old it is. The loading screens take forever to finish and the gameplay looks kind of old. Even with all that, you can have a lot of fun and the puzzles are still very good.
Portal 2 improved everything designed in this one but this doesn't make Portal bad.
The game is really short but it's incredible how the story and the gameplay are really good.
If you have the chance to play Portal, play Portal. It's a short game that you'll have a lot of fun and see how the industry used a lot of things designed for it.

The remake of Dead Space was a wonderful surprise. I know that a lot of people were hyped about this new version, but I never had contact with the original release, and I was never a fan of survival horror. I had the opportunity to play this new version, and I had a great time with it.
Dead Space is a third-person shooter with elements of survival horror. While facing enemies that resemble demons, you have to conserve ammo and manage items.
The gameplay is pretty good. There is a variety of guns available, and the shooting mechanics are really well done. However, I must mention the movement system: the character feels heavy, making it difficult to escape from enemies. At times, it can feel like you're controlling a character from Demon's Souls in a shooting game.
The story is interesting but reminiscent of the Alien franchise. It revolves around a person who arrives on a giant space ship and encounters a monster infestation that has nearly wiped out everyone. I won't spoil much, but I believe it follows the same storyline as the original game.
I only had one problem with the game that was preventing my progress. At one point, I was being chased by a monster and managed to escape. Later on, I had to return to a place I had been to before. The problem was that this monster was trapped at the only entrance door to that place, preventing me from entering. I had to retrieve an old save from before I was chased, losing an hour of gameplay.
The remake of Dead Space brings a classic PS3 game to PS5 and Xbox Series consoles with modern visuals and controls. It feels like a new game. The graphics are impressive, some of the best I've ever seen. The performance is also quite solid at the moment.
I believe that if you enjoy third-person shooter games, you should definitely give it a chance. It's one of the best games released in 2023.

Thank you for Microsoft buying Bethesda! All that Microsoft money and Arkane talent (Pre Deathloop and Youngblood) is really showing!
Okay, let's be for real. This is awful. Inexcusably awful. Like, who pitched this game? Hey arkane, I know you guys made these great emergent modern imsims, but have you guys ever heard of far cry? I'm just confused about how this entire game was even greenlit. It's uninspired, boring, lame, generic and literally any negative term I could throw out applies to this fucking game. Just because it's on gamepass, too, doesn't make it okay.
This game is shit. I don't even care if arkane is shut down after this. Even if they made prey and dishonored. Its not the same arkane anymore. 3 shit games in a row. Wonderful.

Deadly premonition is horrible.
The graphics suck, the animations suck, the audio editing sucks, the sound mixing sucks, the voice acting sucks, the textures sucks, the controls suck, the camera SUCKS, the combat sucks and so on.
Basicailly every technical aspect of this game except for the OST itself has been fucked up beyond belief.
And it's also one of the best horror games ever because of it's engrossing story, magnetic characters, sublime protagonist and unrelenting horror atmosphere.
And these positives utterly obliterate the legendarily bad technical execution.
Deadly Premonition is still an absolute masterpiece. The worst masterpiece of all time, but a masterpiece nonetheless.