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Boys I think you forgot the survival horror part of your survival horror game.
Sure is good tho but the final area is so boring and goes full action and just kills the great pace.

Real point n' click-em-up veterans know the goal isn't to win the game, it's to hear all the dialog. So it rules that the tutorial (which you're only playing to hear more dialog) straight-up tells you this.

This ost is a hidden gem and some of David Wise's best work. The highlight is the title track with its heavy stoner rock vibes and satisfying dynamics. The level themes channel classic rock, and the "game over" theme weaves major and minor 7ths into a bittersweet nostalgic number. Wise was one of the few NES composers who effectively used the triangle synth channel for an instrument other than bass. The harmonized leads with two disparate voices (square and triangle) was unique, and the fuzzy square bass was warm and heavy.
The game itself was stinky bucket of chum.

A 6/10 but it deserves nothing but shit for popularizing bombs as a mechanic in shmups. Fuck you. Burn in hell.

I like this port more than the AC version, the MS console specs make it so charming and candy-shaped. So easy to pick up and play, such a gorgeous color palette, so shrill and glockenspiel-y, I could shed a tear just looking at it. Easily the Master System's best game.

One of the most thought provoking games ever made 🤓🤓🤓

more like Turd Trax FX am i right fellowce (booed off stage) (killed by crows)



Ive slowed down a bit on the amount of reviews I write because I feel like for most games I play I simply dont "have anything to say" about them. I think thats still the case for this game but I just kind of need to get it out of my system : fuck this game.
What an amazing first impression, the music, the artstyle and even the writing with its subtlety and charm. Unfortunately as you get through it all you'll start to realize how boring most of the game is, mainly through repetition. Its kind of impressive how much a mere 3 hour (at least thats what my 2 runs ended up clocking at) game can outstay its welcome in this manner. The very backgrounds that were once gorgeous to look at become a reminder of the annoyance of having to see it again. You basically go through every single location twice, in a game which demands multiple runs of you!
I get the feeling that at some point someone is going to beat this game and tell me that "oh, that was the point" somehow, as usually happens on the internet whenever I dislike a particular design decision, but honestly I dont see it. I fail to see how the repetition adds to anything, it isnt moody or atmospheric, it doesnt reinforce any point about the themes of the game (unless being bored out of my mind has anything to do with entropy, stories or colonialism) and even if it did would not be worth doing anyways.
The puzzles are lame but honestly I didnt even mind that all that much. More than anything I think Ive started to despise the "syke, you got the bad ending! try again to get the good one" structure that historically a lot of videogames have adopted, doubly so in a game which is again, repetitive and boring. I am admittedly unhinged and I did think for a joke about copy pasting each paragraph of this review 3 or 4 times to make reading it a chore in a parallel to the game but even I'M not pretentious enough for that.
At the end of the day, I ran through the game once, got a bad ending, got told to find something, did another run, this time doing different things and seemingly being pushed in a different direction, but again a different bad ending. Now, am I going to run through again to get the good ending? No, get fucked, the game already lost me after the first run, a third run would count as self flagellation. Its my own damn fault for playing an adventure game on launch, always play this shit a few months down the line when you can look up the true ending path and not have more of your limited time on this planet wasted.
Edit : half a star for the "flora de las islas canarias" tome in the background of one of the locations
Edit 2: Okay, someone posted a walkthrough of the game and now I can say for sure I didnt miss much by bailing on this game. As it turns out the "runs" are entirely artificial, they all go the same, you do 1st run, then 2nd then you get the true ending on the 3rd. The ending sort of contextualizes why and its not the worst thing Ive seen, but the writing in general smacks of (to quote fellow Backloggd user Gare) "this is my project in submitting because I want an internship at Pixar but I never learned how to tell a story" though I guess that should be toei and not pixar cause its a japanese game. The runs are KINDA justified in conveying the themes of the story but that still doesnt make the game any less dull or repetitive so whatever, I stand by my original review

who wrote this description ??
"On the NES, Double Dragon II is a much more innovative and unique sequel than in the arcade, but it marks also the time Double Dragon started its schizophrenic shifting between wildly different tones and gameplay styles. In a way it’s one of the best games to bear the Double Dragon name, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that Technōs had already started to loose a cohesive vision of what it meant to be Double Dragon, both in tone and in gameplay."
why do people see an IGDB description box and paste in their 8 hour video essay script like calm down