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the best castlevania title to date, it was all downhill from here

this game is worth it alone for the co-op but whoever decided to ditch normal menus that make sense for slowly walking around a dumb plane should have their cell splintered

still amazed tony hawk is makin games all these years later

i just wish he knew how to make an online multiplayer that people wanted to play

The single-player is somewhat more substantial and offers and actual story, but it's not very interesting or funny, and the atmosphere and music isn't as good as TimeSplitters 2, nor does any mission reach the heights of TS2's Siberia.

There's some ambition and interesting attempts at gameplay additions, some cool new weapons and maps, but the slow-feeling movement and stiff modern control settings make me wish I was playing TimeSplitters 2 instead. (Granted, there is an option for more classic style aiming/control, so bonus points)

"It's time to shit" - Vince Diesel

The gameplay technically happens I guess, and the story is insufferable but I get to make my own cool gundam 😎

I mean it's Tony Hawk but you can play as Woody or you can edit kid

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First Halo, Now This?

The Goldeneye-esque control might be a turn off for some in 2020, but adjusting is fairly easy and the game's auto-aim is forgiving enough to make the control negligable.

What does make TimeSplitters 2 more difficult to enjoy in a 2020 replay is the lackluster mission design after the third or so level - The game goes from dense and complex in the opening stages to uninteresting, unintuitive, and uninvolved throughout the rest of the bunch.

TimeSplitters 2 does get points for having a dense amount of content by any standard with different challenge modes and bot-enabled multiplayer - TimeSplitters 2 definitely scores some for having custom bind-able controls in 2002; Something modern shooters seem afraid, or just don't care to offer.

"Pathologic 2 is meant to be unbearable"

Well, it is. Cool game tho - Pathologic 2 is probably the best case for and execution of including difficulty sliders in games.

I fail to see the benefit of the seemingly modular dungeons, but Mineshaft Dungen is a neat game :^)

Combat feels good, if simplistic, when you're able to get a particular build you want, but getting there is a bit annoying with the way the item vendors work.

It's short, which I like, though each stage is not as distinct from each-other as I feel they could have been. Ultimately I don't necessarily want more content, but I do wish the content that's there was more fleshed out and expanded on.

If you're a fan of the Minecraft aesthetic, Dungeons is a real treat and looks visually pleasant even if you're not. Dungeons does a lot to convince me Minecraft spin-offs are something I want to see more of - An idea I did not care for whatsoever after Minecraft Story Mode.

Will of the Wisps ups the production value by a significant margin over the already gorgeous Ori and The Blind Forest, and dives deeper into a more hardcore action RPG oriented take on the Metroidvania.

For some, this will feel like an ultimate accumulation of the genre. For me, I don't find any value in this, and feel some of the uniqueness and freedom of the original is lost.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps on all accounts feels more tightly and intentionally designed, and the scale is impressive, but I somewhat feel the gameplay acts as an obstruction to the world, characters, and story of the game which otherwise is firing on even more emotional cylinders this go around.

A neat idea for a game - Metroidvania + Rogue Like! I hope you like super specific genres.

Dead Cells is a nice breezy game (Not to be confused with easy) that has a fun rhythm and flow, though I don't know that I see a real value in the "Metroidvania" aspect to it, as the progression feels a lot more like a typical Rogue-Like.

My only knock against the game is that wiped runs are a bit more demoralizing than some others in the Rogue-Like category for some reason, and I can only do 1 run in a single session before moving on to something else.

A cute lil game that's fun to play, but aesthetics aside I couldn't get a feel for the hook to the game. Neat and simple, if you're a hardcore Metroid fan I would assume this would be a nice love note to the genre.

From the start, The Turing Test is very apparently a sort of "If Portal took it's 2001: A Space Odyssey tones more seriously" type of game.

While it doesn't ever escape the mechanical or thematic shadows of those two, The Turing Test does quickly become just interesting enough, both in plot and gameplay, to incentivize you to play, or even 100% complete - Something I gladly submitted myself to, given the game's pleasantly brief runtime.

Halo 3 is the second best in the trilogy - While the story is a step back from Halo 2's intrigue, the sandbox, AI, and encounter design more than make up for it. Multiplayer is classic, though not as satisfying as Combat Evolved.

I used to make fun of people that wanted to fuck the brutes but now I don't know who I am anymore