It's like the video game equivalent of a bass boosted fart sound with a lot of reverb on it


Incredible game. The only real flaw of this game is that it is a remake, which in my eyes is just a lesser form of art.

Still a janky piece of shit, probably always will be. The upper management of this studio should probably not be allowed to work on a video game ever again. I still cried at the end though.

Wish I liked it more. I was hoping it would be a significant improvement over the first game, not just the first game but with more stuff in it.

Looks cool, sounds cool, plays like shit. I spent most of the time wishing I was playing Nex Machina instead.

This game's immediate failure to follow up on the events of the first game should've been a warning of things to come. The whole cast getting flushed for a new, weaker one, character arcs set up in the first game getting completely ignored (specifically Garrus), the main plot being a "villain of the week" filler storyline with no sense of urgency at all add up to a very weak sequel.
Fortunately the presence of Mordin and Legion, the gameplay improvements and the final mission being very ambitious and unique keep it from being a total waste of effort.

Replayed this after going through Andromeda which made me appreciate it a lot more. It sure feels nice to have your character move and shoot when you actually press the button instead of half a second later.

There is good stuff in here but it's hidden underneath the hours upon hours upon hours of Korean MMO side quest tier content. It is a barely functional mess and a very bland Mass Effect facsimile but there are certain missions and characters that have genuine heart poured into them and knowing the hellish conditions this game was made in I can't help but respect that.
That being said, I'm glad both this game and Anthem failed. Bioware needed that, things have to change.

Could've been amazing if the writers and directors exercised a little bit of restraint. As it stands the whole package feels like it's less than the sum of its parts.
It's like a dish made with the finest ingredients you can possibly find, prepared by the most skilled kitchen staff but the recipe is off by just enough to make the effort feel wasted.

Unplayable but in the literal sense

Solid gameplay, OST bangs and surprisingly f2p friendly but it desperately needs alternative game modes and a good banlist.

While I do think this update made the gameplay aspect of Overwatch more fun it also brought with it a bunch of new problems.
The confusing ranking system, the shitty season pass model, the new audio system being bad, the game breaking bugs made me give up on the game shortly after release. Since launch Bastion, Torbjorn and Mei were all disabled for game breaking bugs for at least a week each. Mei is still disabled as I'm writing this review.
An embarrassing showing for what they tried to sell as a triumphant return.

A ton of fun and really interesting from a mechanics standpoint but the card art is so lame. Most of the card arts are either panels they ripped straight out of the comics or shitty pixel art.
The cards you get as rewards being completely random is also really stupid but at least the devs said they're going to change that in a future update.