A Hades clone that has the characters, charm, and humor to match. Unfortunately the gameplay is not even close to being on the same level. Would love a more ambitious sequel.

A very hard game to rate and review - Buggy release aside, playing years after launch on a PS5, it is still clearly unfinished in many blatant ways (only 2 prostitute options??). Despite this, there is some semblance of a good game here, and you can see that somewhere underneath it all is what could've been a great game. The blatant flaws are undeniable: Combat is as meh as it gets, the cop/crime system is a joke, etc. But then you have things like really beautiful and fleshed out romance storylines and thought provoking quest choices. Overall, Cyberpunk 2077 is wasted potential that needs a lot more than just patches to fix, but it is wasted potential that's still worth giving a shot.

2K20 really miserably lowered people's expectations. 2K22 is massive step up, but does not deserve anywhere near the amount of high praise it is receiving.

Starting with the good - The actual gameplay itself. No longer a battle of who has more reversals, the gameplay is varied, fast, and the funnest it's been in a long time. It has its issues as always, like quick recoveries being way too frequent. The graphics are easily the best they've ever been, especially for entrances, but they're still behind their time when compared to actual AAA games.

As always though, 2K gets one new thing right then tries to fix what wasn't broken - The great new gameplay is ruined by the button-mashing for kick outs and submissions. Controllers aren't cheap nowadays. Mashing is not only just not fun, it's not indicative of skill. The timed minigame from before was perfect, and it is still exists in this game, but is only available for offline modes - A mind numbing decision.

The game modes might be the worst part. Showcase Mode is still a boring checklist you'll never dream of going back to once you unlock all the different wrestlers/arenas. Universe Mode hasn't changed at all. The career mode is the best it's been in over a decade but that isn't saying much, although it is a step in the right direction with the multiple storylines structure. MyGM is a lackluster novelty that gets boring before you even finish your first playthrough. And now we have the brand new MyFaction - A mode that exists purely for microtransactions and is structured as if it were a mobile card game, given how absolutely unfun it is.

It doesn't get any better than this. Over 100 hours put into it and I was left just wanting more. Dark Souls meets Skyrim meets the Witcher 3 - This is Darks Souls 4 for all intents and purposes but with so, so many QoL improvements (although there still could be more). Every dungeon is unique, every area is captivating. There is of course some repetition being of this scale but not once was I remotely close to getting bored or tired of the gameplay loop. It's honestly amazing that this game didn't take decades to make.


People complain about the gameplay being subpar but I think that's just because everything else about the game - Art direction, voice acting, variety etc. is just so damn amazing. The gameplay is great, just like everything else. Everything comes together amazingly to make a one of a kind game.

I will say that the epilogue is so half-assed that I don't know why they even bothered.

Eivor is the biggest pussy ever. Never have I played a game with a protagonist who is more of a forgiving pushover. It was present in the main game but not to this level.

France is identical to England and Ireland apart from the shitty accents and even more boring lack of wildlife. They traded bears for turtles.

Ireland is indistinguishable from England. The combat for this game is incredibly boring. More of the same side content except without any of the unique "mystery" side missions. This could've just been another region of the main game, and would've been one of the weaker ones.

Amazing on a technical level - Possibly the best looking game I've ever played and the DualSense haptic feedback makes the most menial actions in the game feel satisfying. The gameplay is basically an improved Dishonored with guns - Not too memorable but it works well with no complaints.

The story and world is a mixed bag, on the other hand. It just feels like there could have been so much more. The ending is extremely unsatisfying, if it even counts as an ending. The dynamic between Colt and Julianna is fantastic while every other character's dialogue is atrocious. The four game areas have nice variety but surprisingly lack depth. Why can you not go to certain areas at certain times of day? Deathloop feels like a great first attempt at something that could've been much more.

My childhood memories of this had me thinking it was a bigger and better sequel to the original with an expansive world and improved mechanics. My memories failed me. The open world aspects are an annoying chore that add nothing to the game and basically nothing is added gameplay-wise apart from super barebones mechsuits. Everything from level design to dialogue is a step down from the original, I know that it's a kids' game but it's quite painful at times.

My first gaming experience that has felt truly next gen. I loved every bit of Returnal, I only wish it was longer - A must play for PS5 owners. It was also refreshing to have an older non-conventionally attractive female protagonist.

A terrible start to a hit or miss series. One of the most repetitive games I've ever played in my life, the story may as well not even be there. People had low ass standards at the start of the PS360 generation.

Just watch a video of it online, no reason to waste your time downloading this.

A new low point for Ubisoft. It's a bit fun starting off, although the jank is apparent from the very beginning. It doesn't take long for everything to wear thin though, as you'll be doing the same exact things over and over and over, whether it be for the main missions or side content. The story is generic nonsense, with plenty of unlikable characters thrown at you nonstop. Giancarlo Esposito surprisingly didn't phone it in - his performance is great, the highlight of the game even, but you even get sick of him by the end when the story completely turns to shit.

Ahead of its time, a mobile game before mobile games were a thing (in a good way). Very charismatic floating head.

Insanely weird and also super captivating. Can't tell if it's a dream or a nightmare. I remember the story being really short.