It's awesome that this game has an economy

On original hardware maybe quietly THE best 3D Mario has ever controlled, so insane how perfectly they nailed that on the first time out. But I don’t particularly like..any of the stages at this point. How do you rate this game?

Guesspionage was the one mode I enjoyed which shows you how off this game’s wavelength I am. One feels empathy for the photo of Hilary Clinton in the kitchen when you walk in on jackbox being played

I always think a little bit of the magic will be gone when I replay this, especially this time, my first time playing since rather disliking Dread, but nope. Still strange and tense and dense and lonely, even when I know where everything is. The greatest game yet made

Gave this a third try. I don't get it and I suspect I never will. Not fun

A Frogger game where you’re supposed to work out your destination. That’s insane. It’s Frogger, you’re supposed to know where to go! The retro levels are snappy and fun and look good, which is the problem, the segment of the game which is just a remaster of the 1981 edition is the only part that engenders any pleasure. Trial and error in a fucking Frogger game! Ps this game is now 9 years older than the original was when this was released, and the time between OG Frogger and “He’s Back!” is the same time between the release of the PS3 and now

Well, it's not quite a shen, and it's not quite a mue, but man...

“When asked to describe Welles's influence, Jean-Luc Godard remarked, simply, 'Everyone will always owe him everything.'"

Shouldn't need to set your PS5 to 1080 and disable HDCP and HDR to get this at a stable 30, but it really is perfectly stable once you do. Blood vials, gun parries, gems, and weapon transformations perfect the formula -- I mean even genius non-mechanics related shit like carrion crows and fishmen aside, this is just absolutely the dream evolution of the souls series

I tried Dark Souls in 2013 and abandoned it at the boar in Undead Parish. Bad choice!

I have a bleed build so I'm pretending the final boss doesn't exist. Only open world game I can think of that I felt like genuinely cared about my continued inspiration to play, super intuitive exploration incentives continued even into the final hours (I wanted the Haligdrake Talisman+2, so I needed the other half of the secret medallion, so I finally went back for Niall, beat him, and had a blast in Mohgwyn Palace, etc, just one late example of something that happened dozens of times throughout the playthrough). Recursive, rewarding, brilliantly paced, from hour zero to hour 80.

I got the high score on a cabinet, but the gun wouldn't track to the top half of the alphabet (my initials are AB) so I had to enter "uvu"....give me this over HOTD1 any day though

Honestly not that fun, but philosophically sturdy and kind of necessary? Gaming as power fantasy isn't as interesting to me as gaming as hobby, and getting good at skateboarding or any hobby worth pursing is mostly monotonous and frustrating and defined by the spiritual catharsis of 100 failures preparing us for that one success. As such, this game does everything it can to bind you -- the physics are grounded, the spots are realistically un-spectacular, and the controls are fucking weird (you press L1+Square+down to do a manual...?). It'll make you less immediately happy than Tony Hawk, but you'll feel a since of accomplishment when you kickflip over a set of stairs for the first time -- and Tony Hawk never binds you, and never gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Possibly the most 3 star game ever made — somehow outblands the reboot. Wish there was a chance of Stormland releasing for PSVR2, the one Insomniac game of the last 20 years that doesn’t strain to be fun, stuck on Oculus’ dead PC platform