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Frigate is quite a remarkable game: a real-time/turn-based hybrid ship battle simulator made entirely in a text UI. Radar and sonar contacts are tracked with headings and distances, navigation is via manual coordinate input or relative to your targets and you're constantly outnumbered and outgunned. There's a fair bit of strategic depth as well; ammo is limited, radar can be jammed and damage to the ship impacts the ship's systems.
Going back to replay the game on archive dot org it brings it all back, but in such a discordant way. I remember finding these battles so exciting and so clearly visualizing the play field and the action and now it's like hey fun spreadsheet. Clearly baby Josh had a much more vivid imagination (and smoked a lot less grass... a robust short-term memory is a critical skill here).
I guess I can't really recommend this now unless you're really into text-based games or milsim stuff, but boy did I have hours of fun with Frigate.

Cool story. Love seeing these more informed and nuanced portrayals of mental health struggles. I like the role this game foists on you, and that it doesn’t waste the player’s time (at least my playthrough was super effing short which is, like, yes please more of that, games). I didn’t care for the amount of typing I had to do on my Switch, and the music was piercingly loud.

Creatively very cool; I love the story and art and the acting is great. Unfortunately the game just keeps hanging on my Series X, and only when saving a checkpoint. And of course, when this happens the checkpoint isn’t saved and I have to go back and replay a substantial amount of content, none of which is skippable. Too much of this just wore out my patience. Maybe I’ll revisit it in a year or two and see if they’ve fixed it.