I put 150 hours into my first playthrough, where I always felt compelled to explore every corner of this world.
My only complaints are about balancing and some bosses/enemies that get recycled a bit too much:
There were a few times when fighting a boss felt completely out of place when faced for a second time in an awkward location, ruining the charm that was left from the first experience.
I think it would have been perfect if they had cut some of the fat, making it maybe 10-15% smaller.
Anyway, amazing experience. Even almost at the end, I was still being mind blown by the way that some hidden/optional areas connect to other different parts of this multi-layered world.

One of the best games for the PS1.
Beautiful aesthetics, cool soundtrack, satisfying gameplay.

I still remember the banger I composed when I was 10

Exploring this little solar system was mind-blowing.

Played this to ease the wait for Elden Ring.
Didn't love it as much as Bloodborne and Sekiro but it's still pretty great and the one that lets you play in the most different ways, making it endlessly replayable.

It has a cool concept, the presentation is super impressive and it has some amazing environments.
But the gameplay has only a few interesting ideas and it repeats itself a lot. Feels like the game could be half as long, given the lack of ideas.
The "puzzles" aren't really puzzles as they require no brain power but usually just eyeing around for shapes and things.
The fight "scenes" carry that cinematic effect that the game pulls off but quickly get pretty repetitive.
The story tries hard to sound epic and deep but I often didn't feel immersed, and you get fed a bunch of norse mythology which isn't really relevant.
Oh, and the end credits song is an absolute cringe.
All in all, I still would recommend "experiencing" it to appreciate some of the scenarios, but it's not a great game. Maybe the sequel can be better if they have more interesting ideas on what to do while also going through a better story.

- special combat moves are satisfying
- visuals are super polished
- cringe dialogue and characters
- makes you kill dogs in the first 10mins of the game

Beaten on the PICO-8 inside of Celeste which awarded me the Steam achievement "Real Gamer" so I guess that's settled.

The hike may be short, but there is so much to discover. Very wholesome.

I liked this game the most when I was engaged in the gameplay loop of delivering packages, strengthening connections, and building structures. When you're left in peace, the game can be very enjoyable and relaxing. The cool designs of the creatures and tech elements, and the gloomy landscapes certainly helped to cast a sort of spell.
The bad?
My main issues were with the story, its pacing, the information overload and the dreadful controls.
Self-indulgent sci-fi/philosophical story and incoherent world-building. Cringy dialogue and one insufferable sociopath antagonist (Higgs) who seems to be only motivated by watching the world burn. Laughable "boss fights" almost devoid of any impactful game mechanics or strategy, and simply consist of a rinse-repeat clunky 3rd person shooting. Overly complicated controls, overblown with tiny unnecessary mechanics (half of the things you can do in the game feel like they're just easter eggs).
Apart from the main outdoor locations, most places look sterile and copy-pasted. Even the best designs in the game are recycled throughout the story to the point of becoming trivial. That includes many short cut-scenes, which Kojima forces us to rewatch over and over again as if he worries that we didn't have a good look the first or second time around, destroying any mystical effect they might have had.
Oh, and the expositional dialogue... I don't remember the last time I felt so patronized by a video game repeatedly explaining its objectives, rules and mechanics to you over and over again, and constantly interrupting what you were doing because of it. And at the same time, it keeps playing cryptic games to keep you intrigued about the most important elements of the main story, throwing in a bunch of twists and turns (many of which you could see coming dozens of hours before).
The gist of the story and philosophy of the game is actually interesting but made so obvious by the countless repetition of names and visual clues, and especially by the characters constantly trying to explain it to you so exhaustively, that it becomes dull and tired and leaves nothing for interpretation.
Kojima basically has the same expositional problem as Christopher Nolan in his movies (but arguably even worse).
By the way, for a game so much about walking or driving, it's incredibly frustrating how many times the player can get stuck in broken animations and suffer from the bad physics.
One more thing. As someone who develops user interfaces for a living, I gotta say this game had some of the worst UI/UX I have ever experienced (complete with marquee text!).
Anyway, there's much more I could say about this game, and I tried to love it (there were moments where I did), but after more than 60 hours, I don't know if I hated it more than I loved it.
I understand how many people might find this game cinematic and "deep", considering how superficial AAA video games usually are, but I honestly would have liked this game more if it wasn't constantly trying so hard.

I would love to play an online multiplayer version of this game.
Cool concept and execution.

I played before Act V came out.
It's beautiful and I had a bunch of "OK that's pretty cool" moments, but it lost me on a few occasions.
I must play it again from the beginning now that it's finally complete.

Pretty decent RTS.
Looks kinda simple on the surface compared to others of the genre but it has a few little mechanics that work well and can keep things interesting and allow for a diversity of strategies.
The campaign was cool and I had a lot of epic battles playing online.

Unbalanced RTS, but one of the best usages of AAA copyrights ever. They squeezed everything they could from the movies, including voice acting for all the characters, and also pulled some nice "extras" from the books, and the execution was pretty great.
The campaign story is meh (BFME 1 was much better) but the multiplayer community thrived, there were cool mods... until EA shut everything down.
Also, War of the Ring mode was pretty cool.