he definitely ate some snakes guys
improves massively on some of MGS2's game design choices, makes stealth more fun and challenging, has a more cohesive and touching yet very obviously a trademark-kojima story (as open i am to abstract plots), this was just a blast to play through on my vita in glorious... quarter HD? which still looks basically identical to a 720-900p image on the OLED screen
not going to go into storyline details much since you just need to experience it for yourself

call me an 11 year old who just found out postal was a thing but for the life of me i can't stand most cartoonsy-scrimblo-bimblo games like banjo-kazooie, mario, etc etc but i feel like the first two rayman games, beyond just being very nostalgic for me, have a more defined sense of fantasy without being over-the-top with smiling clouds, trees and loud sound effects or trying to put a joke between every word, it just feels like a wonderous world not pandering particularly to kids. not only that, this game in general is probably the definitive 3D platformer of its time and to this day. it pulls off everything right, from the controls to the pacing to the collectathon mechanics and you get fairly immersed in this small rebellious world. i really doubt that you will hate this if you at least like action games and haven't completely forgotten how childlike joy feels like, as close as many of us are to that

insanely impressive technical achievement for a 2005 handheld game, but it falls flat beyond that
gta 3 without [THA SOVL!!!!!] featuring nobody's favourite goon toni cipriani doing some pretty basic missions, this is a game that i feel i can't be too critical of? but it doesn't have that much value

too big for its own PS2 good and i was never a big fan of the setting or how dumbass the story got later into the game, game design is typical nu-rockstar drive to point a - shoot - finita la commedia without any actual speed
go ahead call me whiteboy

this game becomes better when you treat it as a literal collectathon instead of a crime sim sandbox. i mean, there's plenty of shit to collect, there are a lot of side-activities and side-quests, you can jump, you can run as fast as a car, the gameplay loop is extremely repetetive, this is literally sonic frontiers before sonic frontiers was a concept.
ALMOST! let me say this again, ALMOST as criminally unfunny as the reboot but it still has the edge and snark the series used to have initially instead of being as morally black-and-white and substanceless as a mario game. generally plays well except for a few times when i clipped through the floor. enemies are spongy (just in case i'm playing on hard) and the shooting isn't the best in the world, but it's fine enough. not a game i'd reccomend, but if you like the gameplay loop, go through with it. just don't go in with high expectations.

this game kicks ass
it's pretty much a perfect blend of immersive sim, tactical and retro shooter elements and it lets you do fuck all in its world, it's unapologetically indie with how much freedom it gives you
not to mention the mindfuck that is the artstyle and soundtrack, they become so appealing the more you progress that it becomes hard to enjoy anything that isn't a complete assault of the senses
underneath all of the irony of the game being created by "consumer softproducts", or one of the npcs saying "fuck libtards", or people being obsessive with "chunkopops", it carries a very nihilistic message which definitely rubbed some people the wrong way but i don't think you should take it that seriously. also i fuck with it so idgaf

decent road trip movie
i appreciate it for being made when it was, i obviously understand the impact it had on reviving adventure games in the players' eyes (same as heavy rain but here the story and presentation doesn't blow dicks) and i get why people like it (cause there's only the least worst option when you get a choice) but it didn't do much for me

this game obviously sucks ass, it comes off as predatory edgy wankery for 10 year olds (when i actually thought it was interesting) but there's just something amusing about rpgmaker cheese that's missing in modern indie titles

the writing and even the idea behind it are shallow, i didn't really care about most of the characters, the plot twist out of the ass at the end makes zero sense and it's just not a good or engaging novel
only play this if you haven't grown out of your mindless self indulgence fan phase

what a fun game! i really liked the part where you escorted a character from point a to point b, defended point a and then point b and the occasional scripted mission where you just shoot things while something the developers think is funny happens
such a fucking chore to play

like any other dreamcast-era sega title this game goes fucking raw, an arcade classic but fairly hard to master (and control)

really forced fillery story and an ok fighting game. the timings for the combos are ridiculous and kanji plays like shit

cheesy and overlong story mode but nonetheless surprisingly high-effort for a persona spin off game, i like the gameplay and the choreography

the kicks, weapons and general feel are definitely great but the story is, as expected from an early-10s fps, oozes "lolz so random" vibes, although thankfully not as bad as borderlands or saints row 4, i actually laughed a few times so there's that. a good console shooter but there are way better games on pc