Fantastic little indie game. Got major Ape Escape vibes from this (solving quick little puzzles and using environment interaction to capture these critters). I had a blast.
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I adored this game. This is to Chrono Trigger and FFVI as Stardew Valley was to Harvest Moon - An indie developer wanting to create their own version of the games they loved as a child. A fantastic little indie JRPG with great music, a wonderful battle system, an amazing sense of progression, etc.
Only complaints is that there's a few too many convoluted plot twists near the end and the crystal system (which is how you modify your equipment) can be pretty monotonous (though can be ignored or auto-sorted).

I adore this game. Love the exploration and sense of progression with the mechs (unlocking flying was such a great moment). I even love the battle themes.

Janky fun. Pumpkin Hill is a bop.

Cool concept. Lots of research went into the historical references. Holds your hand way too often though, and I though the twist at the end was dumb (with the true ending resolving everything a little bit too neatly).
Great for a Skyrim mod, but as a full game I felt it was short.