a gripping and fascinating metanarrative about the pursuit to become ever greater and man's desire to reach infinity. peak gaming 10/10

this is just american psycho but for egirls who call themselves succubi

Ender lilies is a videogame. It has gameplay, characters and a soundtrack. It even has a story.

the jerma birthday rats song is used in this

the speedrun mode makes me want to do unspeakable things but otherwise pretty fun game


id rather cut my balls off than replay this game

its literally perfect and if you disagree then you are objectively wrong

While it sounds crazy enough to write a review about a game thats not even OUT LMAO. I why I can 100% confirm that this game will be my favourite game ever when it releases.
code name bakery is from a series I'm genuinely not that familiar with. beside playing girls frontline on my phone 3 years ago. Having watched like 7 episodes of healing chapter and then dropping it out of boredom. You would genuinely be insane from a series where your intertest was never fully captured nor grasped to have the latest entry be your FAVOURITE GAME EVER?! Well here I will try to concretely enough explain my "My insanity" or for some of you guys "Stupidity" I'm assuming.
I found out about bakery collapse pretty late actually the game was revealed in july of 2019. I accidentally stumbled upon the game in march pure on whim. I was watching videos about SRPGs and I saw the games Trailer in my recommendations. I didn't even wanna click on the trailer nor did I want it to play YouTube Autoplayed it for me when I went to the toilet lol... but when I came back I was like "fuck it why not" and pressed replay and my mind was blown away... to most it's a standard trailer nothing outstanding or experimental enough for someone to lose their shit over it but man... I WAS IN. From the SFX of Jefuty her heel the silent build up and the narrator to the strong post apocalyptic athmosphere but with a striking distinct visual style. It reminded so much of every favourite SRPG series I love and it happens so rarely that I ever have such a strong sense of nostolgia from past of something in the present that I have no strong knowledge. But from the previously mentioned things and flashy gameplay and strong and striking character designs. I just knew it was the one. The SRPG genre is a VERY important genre to me because it helped me allot as a person throughout my life and I honestly watched allot of post apocalyptic media but super rarely has this same feeling been matched before. I literally searched up every information about the game since and don't think I've ever been as hype for something as this game. The latest Info dump just made me even more confident in my feelings. I rewatched each trailer over 10x and watched the gameplay showcases over 10x. Did as much research as I can on the people working on it. Theorize heavy about future characters , environments and potential story beats. I genuinely have 100% trust in this game and don't think I can get dissapointed really.
So it really a case of pure feelings of nostolgia , charm and trust that makes me so sure. I know this seems goofy asf to write this but I know myself the best so I know best what my true feelings on the game will be.
( P.S I've done this before and know how my expectations work so I really cannot be dissapointed. also I will do a follow up in October on this when I play it.

its a perfect 10 if you ignore all the parts that are bad