Nice animations and design, but you quicky get tired of the few mini games Spellcorked has.

Nice animations, but you cannot really enjoy them as you are focused on the inventory. The concept is cool but I quickly grew tired of it.

I never was able to finish the first level back when I was a kid.

Je l'ai abandonné au boss final car je n'avais plus la motivation de grinder encore pour me mettre au niveau.

Je l'ai abandonné à l'époque très proche de la fin car un combat me semblait insurmontable de difficulté. Je prendrai ma revanche un jour.

Sometimes you don't really know how to go further in the game and the navigation is quite laborious. It has an intriguing story with cool animations and a great atmosphere, though.

Too long and redundant. The software crashed many times, which is really frustrating in levels with 20 panels.


Good use of the crank. The game may be too short but it was really pleasing.

The artistic direction and the sound design are gorgeous, but the progression is too heavy going, you often don't know whether you are doing it right.


Good music, good fights, good art direction. Good shit.

The dialogues are really good. But the investigations are not that interesting and are redundant.


Solid atmosphere, but the progression and the fights are often frustrating