I remember really liking this game back when I was in high school even though I only got half way. I had it on the hardest difficulty and turned off the Vita-Chambers so every big daddy was a puzzle in itself. I had to harvest every little sister just to keep up.
I was finally able to beat the game and I started over from the beginning again this time on PC. I still had it on the hardest difficulty but had the Vita-Chambers ON this time. I think with the Vita-Chambers ON this game is a different experience. The game is very hard but also being able to be revived like nothing happened makes the way you approach the combat very different. There is definitely less meaningful combat this way and I think it kinda ruined the game for me. It's unfortunate but I don't have the same amount of free time as I once did to properly enjoy this game to its fullest.
Overall I'm glad that I came back and finished this one even though I don't think this game has aged as nicely as I would have liked it to.

As a game it failed on all fronts, as an experience it was lackluster and could've been something special but wasn't, and as a movie it was interesting but very long...

Turned out to be a very memorable experience finishing this game coop with my group of friends. The game feels unfinished but that was kind of the charm of it.

Very cute game that was a great first game to play with my girlfriend. This game was very long which was a hinder at times but ultimately my girlfriend had a good time.

The gameplay loop of these old BioWare games are truly timeless. The first world Tarris was such a joy to explore and go through and do all the side quests. I don't know how they did it but every option I could've chosen had fully voiced dialogue and I was more and more impressed the longer the game went on.
The game itself was so much longer than I thought it was going to be. I thought that this would have been like 30 hours or so and by the end it took me 84! I was not prepared for that and it is the reason that it took me over a year and a half to finish.
The game was a pain in the ass to setup with all the mods for a modern playthrough. Took about 100+ mods and 3 hours to install them one by one.
The main reason why I wanted to play through this was because I have fond memories of watching my cousins play through this when I was a child. I remember sitting cross legged on the floor for hours while they went through Tarris and Dantooine to pass the jedi trials. It reminds me of a simpler time.

Fun story that was equally silly as it was emotional. Difficulty scaling towards the end of the game was awful if you didn't complete any extra content or get the celestial weapons for the limit break.

Moment of silence for the poor kid in 1987 who had to play this without 20x speed and the wiki.

This game was like 60% "oh, hey that's kinda neat. I see what you did there." and 40% "bruh... are you serious.".

Was not aware that the side quests expired when you progress though the main story. I was like yeah sure "school is being attacked and need help" I'll come after a few missions. Then couldn't find the mission in the mission select and then came across an email that said they all died and maybe a ship got out but was unsure if any made it and it basically traumatized me. I don't think I played the game after that because I felt so bad lol.

This game felt broken towards the very end. I think there was so much content on the disc it like couldn't handle it by the end. I liked how permanent the choices you made felt and it is a very cool time to play from this save file into the other games in the series. It honestly is the best part about this game.

Played this at a friends house and honestly didn't really care for it at all. Didn't really like the gun play and though the story was kind of dumb.

This review contains spoilers

This game was great and probably one of my favorite experiences on the PS3. Having imported my character from the first game felt very cool especially because it seemed like my experience of the game was different than the people I have talked with about it.
All the characters are great and building everyone up for the final part was very memorable as the stakes were at an all time high and I didn't want to lose anybody on the final mission.

Game was like a stale MW2 and was the last one that I ended up playing. Quick scoping was dead and so was my interest in the series.

This was the first call of duty I played. I really enjoyed playing through the story on veteran, even though it was unbearable at times with the grenades. Multiplayer was memorable as well with both zombies and playing online with friends after school.