This was one of my favorite games during my childhood. I loved the format of traveling to Disney worlds and meeting all the characters. The opening song was one of the first songs on my mp3 player. I recently played it this year with my girlfriend and it was still very enjoyable to go through.

The world that they made was very pretty and detailed. Going around the castle and the immediate area around Hogwarts on the broom was very cool. The story was meh. Game was very easy. For a game that has such an amazing world it would be great to meet more than like 3 people the entire game. Girlfriend loved it and did most things.

Story really dwindled during the middle part of the game but everything else was very well done. My girlfriend really took a liking to this one and she ended up doing everything. I particularly thought that the Frozen Wilds DLC was the best part of this game.

Very strong atmosphere and visuals but couldn't really get into the story at all. It's a shame but my girlfriend and I completely lost interest around 70% of the way finished.

This was way better than the first game.

The movement was drastically better in this and it made it fun to scale each of the building and jump around. The various animations when you kill people with each of the different types of weapons were very satisfying to do. I could've played the whole game with just the hidden blades because of how satisfying it was to stealth kill people in broad daylight.

I felt that the last part of the game with killing the 9 people was very drawn out but the gameplay for those missions was actually the best the game had to offer. It's actually so strange how the game called "assassin's creed" only really have you be super stealthy is at the very end as part of these 9 missions.

I thought that Venice was such a great place to explore in this game.

I can't believe that this game also ends in the same way as the first game...

Watched my girlfriend play this for like 60 hours.

Game looked fun and I was heavily invested in Cal and Merrin.

The game kind of dropped the ball with the story towards the end in my opinion but it was still enjoyable to sit down and watch.

The aesthetic of this was really great. The vibrant colors with the soft art style and music in that 80s' style was a mood that really sold this for me.

The romance that happens between the two girls turned out to be quite sweet in a way that I wasn't fully expecting.

I wish I knew that the adult patch needed to me manually copied over for it to work before I finished reading half of it. The adult patch turned out to be quite tasteful and I think it only added to the experience.

I'm not fully aware of the history of Hong Kong but I think the creators succeeded with their creative project to bring awareness to the issues of freedom of speech in the region to people like me who were unaware.

Quite an interesting game that I found on accident while looking for a fishing game.

I enjoyed the art style a lot and just roaming the ocean and exploring the different islands was pretty and fun to do. The game could have used a difficulty option as it was way too easy towards the end if you got any of the optional upgrades to the ship that the game didn't require to progress.

This game doesn't really feel like a fishing game at all though. It felt like something more akin to Stardew Valley. If you replace the fishing with planting crops to sell in the community chest then the game is exactly the same to the T.

I wish that the game was a little scarier tbh. There were some interesting experiences to be had when you go out after dark but everything became predictable after a while. I think a lot more random events that negatively effect you without your consent would've made the experience of fishing at night more interesting and would keep that eerie feeling towards the end.

I really just wanted to play the second game since that is the one i remember from my childhood but reddit convinced me that I should experience this one first. That was probably the worst take I've ever heard as this was not worth the time it took to finish.

The gameplay is cool as a proof of concept but this definitely shows its age as the controls were almost unbearable as to how klunky they were. The game itself was so incredibly repetitive I should've just stopped around the 5th assassination and watched a summary on YouTube.

It's honestly a shame since I think the story was interesting for the most part but there was no way it needed to be surrounded by so many long repetitive sequences for hours on end.

I would recommend watching a summary video on YouTube instead as the story seems important to the now 12 games or whatever but do not go through the game as it was not worth it.

This review contains spoilers

After sitting on it for a couple days, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I am glad to have played it for myself.

Although, I was not expecting to have to play the game 3+ separate times to be able to say I "Beat" the game.

Most of my confusion came from the fact that the entire time I was playing I felt like the gameplay was always coming second. It felt like sure, there were all these mechanics such as fusing plug-in chips, combat, and weapons but all of it felt unnecessary because the main story was the most compelling part to keep playing.

I felt like this was more like a movie/show pretending to be a game.

I would say to not grind out the best plug-in chips and just go at whatever pace you feel like because you can be TOO strong and just one shot things if your build is too good. Also, the side quests don't give that great of loot anyways but they were enjoyable for the most part for world building. It's better just to fuse what you need at a good rate.

The OST is one of the best I've heard in any game. And the song playing during ending 'E' with the additional choir felt quite special.

Also, 2B's costume design is basically perfect and will be iconic forever.

Was really trying to cheat on my long time girlfriend the entire time but I guess I answered the questions too honestly lol. The ending I got with Katherine was very cute so I guess it makes up for all the pain that this stupid puzzle game caused me.

The controls for this game were awful. Why does pressing left go right like half the time?

I remember really liking this game back when I was in high school even though I only got half way. I had it on the hardest difficulty and turned off the Vita-Chambers so every big daddy was a puzzle in itself. I had to harvest every little sister just to keep up.

I was finally able to beat the game and I started over from the beginning again this time on PC. I still had it on the hardest difficulty but had the Vita-Chambers ON this time. I think with the Vita-Chambers ON this game is a different experience. The game is very hard but also being able to be revived like nothing happened makes the way you approach the combat very different. There is definitely less meaningful combat this way and I think it kinda ruined the game for me. It's unfortunate but I don't have the same amount of free time as I once did to properly enjoy this game to its fullest.

Overall I'm glad that I came back and finished this one even though I don't think this game has aged as nicely as I would have liked it to.

As a game it failed on all fronts, as an experience it was lackluster and could've been something special but wasn't, and as a movie it was interesting but very long...

Turned out to be a very memorable experience finishing this game coop with my group of friends. The game feels unfinished but that was kind of the charm of it.

Very cute game that was a great first game to play with my girlfriend. This game was very long which was a hinder at times but ultimately my girlfriend had a good time.