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It feels like its goal was to feel like that weird dream you remember nothing about but wish you did, which is exactly how I feel 3 years later, so mission accomplished.

One of the greatest PS2 fighters of all time.



When I started playing Abzu, I was eeling a little blue, and figured "I cod sea what it's pike swimming with the fishes. Not doing anyfin else right now." And so I dove fin to the waters.

Being honest, it took a whale for me to get finto, but the only fishue was that I was dragging my tail. The gill robot chums were neat, and all the locations and fish were reel pretty. Soaking in the Seanery, going through the moceans, it was nice. (However there was one seane that nearly anchored me it was so unnecessary.)

Overall, it's sardinely a deep experience, but you only get trout of it what you put fin. Well worth a couple of squid.

The first Kirby game I have played, I remember get this like in 2017 with also my first amiibo, yeah the Kirby one. I love this game sooo much. Would be better if the robot do more destruction with the fire attack specialy when he is walking, overall, this is super fun.

This game sucks so much, this game sucks, this game is a piece of shit, this game sucks, this game remembers me of my shit, don’t download this game, don’t do it, this game sucks balls, this game is trash and it doesn’t deserve to be in backloggd

One day 'Penis' will be the answer and I will get a 1/6 so I can set the game to mastered

FT10 with Sqquigglydot results:

Ikearagao 7 x Squigglydot 3

Look I had bad taste as a child ok.

Proof that child me could be entertained by literally anything.

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