August, 2023


in the grim dark future of 2023, the target audience for pc games is tech illiterate unmodded switch owners

September, 2021


perhaps the worst optimized pc game in recorded history. best balanced version of lod

May, 2021


the closest i'll get to hecatomb. bewilderingly misadvertised

March, 2021


forsaken brianna saying solaris vs desecrators ship computer saying bubblebomb

September, 2020


went into a far worse self-confused direction following the new blood partnership. how did that happen? 'budget doom eternal' meme forcing

August, 2020


gets good on eclipse 4

December, 2019


you're far better off with nhe on xemu and project cartographer than this broken goyslop

September, 2019


why wouldn't a community patch for build 2571 suffice over all of these highly dubious mods and tcs?
shadows addon is closest to ogs as it realistically would have released, is what i would recommend most over similar recreation attempts but remains lacking from the author's own inclusions

August, 2019


the maze soundtrack proves that it is only a fluke when remedy ever comes close to making a good game

June, 2019


'boomer shooter' is a fittingly low self-esteem term for whatever washed up impersonator garbage the kids are playing, overseen by a fratbro with a forehead dent and his harem of diaper fetishists. i'm too busy playing 'intelligentsia shooters' instead, you shouldn't settle for less in life either

May, 2019

February, 2018



why is hdtf catalogued twice?


January, 2018


the campaign is awful but duskworld? duskworld is at best just passably decent. how many years ago was 2.0 announced?

August, 2017


second worst optimized pc game in recorded history

May, 2017


the original grift. i pre-ordered this


best immersim that could have done without a plot

December, 2016


straferunning is too great of a sacrifice for... what tangible benefit, exactly?

October, 2016


the vast history of the shitscan first person shooter concludes with an acknowledgment that it had reached a developmental dead end by the syndicate reboot and presents encore a mix-and-match showcase of all its relentless mediocrity

May, 2016


misses the point as much as remastering black metal tapes


halo 4 with gore

April, 2016


wasn't too bad before the workshop update

September, 2015

November, 2014


campaign's art design is worse than h:cea, multiplayer could have done far better with any other map in place of ascension remade

May, 2014

November, 2013


no one who didn't mind the series trajectory started with mw2 can make up a single coherent reason for why they don't like this game

August, 2012

July, 2012


every quake style afps will fare better with wdm2, wdm5 and wdm17

August, 2011


you live in the worst possible timeline where, instead of deus ex insurrection, you got old ubisoft montreal staff degenerating themselves into building a late ubisoft montreal game off the shitstained blueprints of invisible war, mass effect and UI accessibility trends – written by a community college sophomore

August, 2010


non-trivially inferior to osp because of artificially increased ttk and changed spawns. worse than that, it's bound to steam