2023 ranked

here we go again
normal disclaimers, due to the large size of this list, orderings may not make 100% sense. i just put a game where it feels right when i finish it and move stuff around occasionally, and this isnt comprehensive since i dont typically put super short games on here but i might if i feel like it
edit: most likely leaving off most really short games, they clutter the list too much

First run finished April 7


Finished April 25
(unsure if this is just above or just below re4r, will have to think about it)
Finished challenge mode on March 24
Season ended March 10
Finished April 18
Finished June 27
Finished April 22
Finished June 12
Finished January 15
Season ended August 25
Finished February 10
Finished March 16
Finished June 15
Finished January 28
Finished January 23
Finished August 23


Dropped August 17
Finished March 25
Finished September 3
Finished April 27
Finished February 12
Finished January 21
Finished September 1
Finished September 2


Finished April 22
Finished April 10
Finished June 30


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