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Depende muito de quem tá jogando, mas dá pra se divertir horrores com as situações que aparecem e as mudanças de contexto.

Was wondering why I never finished this and FO4 but then I remember I keep crashing after several hours in a playthrough. Nice engine, Bethesda. Probably will picked up again in the future till I at least done with all major questlines.

I passed the whole game, it was probably one of the most boring 90 minutes in my life) And I played not alone, with friend,
The essence of the game is that you are given choices in which you "have no choice", like turn right, 5 people will die, turn left, 1 person will die, they give you about 40-50 seconds to think and this is a very long time, despite the fact that there is nothing to think about and you decide in a couple of seconds, out of 50 choices there were a couple where it was really interesting to think, but any of your decisions doesn’t really affect anything, the game will continue anyway, it’s impossible to die here, most of the questions will be absurd, but its not funny, you can smile a couple of times in the whole game.<br>In general, "neither fish nor fowl", the author didnt have a clear creative idea, he would only release "something", he also mixed some creepypasta elements here, which once again confirmed the "tastelessness" of this project.

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Прошёл игру, это были, наверное, одни из самых мучительных 90 минут в моей жизни) Причём я же ещё и с другом был,
Суть игры такова, вам дают выборы, в которых у вас "нет выбора", типо поверни направо, умрут 5 человек, поверни налево, умрёт 1 человек, дают на размышление около 40-50 секунд и это очень долго, учитывая что думать тут нечего и вы определитесь за пару секунд, из 50 выборов было парочку, где реально было интересно подумать, но любое ваше решение особо ни на что не влияет, так и так игра продолжится, погибнуть тут невозможно, большинство вопросов будут абсурдными, но юмора это особо тоже не "делает", ну пару раз может усмехнётесь за всю игру.
В общем, ни рыба, ни мясо, у автора не было чёткой творческой идеи, выпустил лишь бы что, ещё и элементы крипипасты какой-то сюда примешал, что ещё раз подтверждило "безвкусность" данного проекта.

A fun card game (we always played it with real cards in a game called Pang), but it gets overshadowed by a more addictive level-based game of solitaire, making me not to play a lot of Skip-Bo for an app called Skip-Bo...

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Miyuki better because she doesn't cheat on you.

Ruined by microtransactions being added after launch

Wonderful expansion to the previous entry. The giants, while not as impressive in retrospect, felt grandiose at the time. It goes hand in hand with the first game and has introduced many elements that went on to be staples of the franchise. Just magical.

The trapping mechanic is genius, while some villains are very barebones and clunky to play as, the concept of beating up bad guys and trapping them in a giant vortex to turn them nice is brilliant. The people behind this franchise had a firm understanding on what children consider fun and it never fails to keep that magical aspect.

predicted the impending terror of abortion bans

Letdown of the century. This game butchers the franchise's consistent growth to try to appeal to a much younger audience, which wouldn't be a problem if it followed the same smart, soulful approach the Spyro's Adventure did, but instead ops for a soulless, fatuous version stripped of its magic. The story doesn't work, the characters aren't as endearing, the level design is atrocious at times, and this is the one game not featuring one of Lorne Balfe's masterful scores, instead replaced with stock music.. yes, stock music. The roster of characters and their figures especially are still a great load of fun both visually and in game but there just isn't a good enough game to go alongside them. As for the character creation gimmick, I do think it was executed surprisingly well, even if every imaginator starts to feel samey overtime. Overall a pretty disappointing end to my favorite franchise, at least until the inevitable cashgrab reboot makes this game a masterpiece in comparison.

It's a town management mobile game greatly elevated by the franchise's fascinating world. I have a soft spot for it because of all the little tidbits of world building it had but at the end of the day it's just a little spinoff.


The artwork and designs made specifically for this game are really impressive but that's about all this game has going for it. Like every game of this genre it quickly reaches a point of no return where grinding is eternal and paying is inevitable. No thank you. You know something's wrong when having the game play itself on auto mode is more rewarding than actually playing it.

La experiencia Devil May Cry definitiva. Cualquier cosa que intentase el 4 e incluso el 3 palidece frente al ejercicio de acción pura y dura que hay aquí. Cúspide actual del género, sistema de combate inmejorable, campaña sin puntos bajos como los anteriores juegos y sin enemigos estúpidos y 'gimmicky', historia estúpida y divertida escrita con muchísimas ganas y muy buena fe...

No le pongo cinco estrellas porque todavía tengo que explotarlo BIEN con el contenido adicional para decidir si es de ESOS juegos, pero vamos, potencial tiene de sobra.

Dicho lo cual.

....................................................BURY THE LIGHT DEEP WITHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN




I liked the open-world aspect of the game, although getting around could sometimes be a bit tricky. Gameplay was enjoyable though, fighting was trivially easy as soon as you unlocked armament haki, but there was still enough variation to keep me busy. The most lacking point of this game is the story, I started skipping dialogue as soon as chapter 6 since the plot was so dull I didn't care anymore.

One thing that could've been improved was that the minimap didn't change depending on your height in-game, traversing Topaz Mines was a pain in the butt as I kept running into dead ends.

Also, to the person who made you fight flying robots, I hope they make a special place in hell for you...

I had so much fun (This was for the Futari ver that's not on Backloggd)

"Listen, suffering is a fact of life. Either you learn how to deal with that or you go under. "

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Frame Rate!

I actually enjoyed this more upon replaying it but one of the biggest flaws is the frame rate constantly dropping on last-gen consoles. It's borderline unplayable on Bogano and especially Kashyyyk.

I think the story is pretty decent but I do think Cal Kestis is one of the least interesting characters yet he's the protagonist oof. He's not annoying or anything he's just rather bland. The Second Sister/Trilla is so much more interesting as a character and she overshadows Cal at every turn.

I genuinely forgot how much the Obi-Wan Kenobi show ripped this off only did it way worse. Reva is just a discount Trilla only not interesting or intimidating and has one of the most contrived and forced storylines in the entirity of Star Wars. Trilla's character arc is pretty great and ends both logically and satisfactorily.

I do wish there were some more customization options though. You only really get ponchos. Where are some Jedi robes or armor? Despite the flaws though this is one of the better Star Wars entries put out during the Disney era of Star Wars.

Simple and fun 2D platformer with a bunch of characters and flashy moves you can easily abuse. Voice acting is straight from the show and the music kinda slaps. Blue Beetle especially is fun to play

My favorite game of all time. This video game has inspired and helped shape my creative mind for over 10 years. I love everything about it, the character design, style, level structure, world building, music, sound design, voices and of course figures. I will never stop loving this universe and everything it represents for me.

The swapping mechanic is so mesmerizing it easily elevated the franchise's ambition to new heights. The stylistic change isn't my favorite but it still works really well. Tons of post game content make this one of if not the lengthiest game in the series in a good way.

This game is gorgeous. While the vehicle mechanic isn't nearly as exciting as the previous ones in concept, it's executed just as well. From the toys to their use and customizability in game. The only drawback I would say is the lack of post game and the gameplay ratio being a little too favoring of vehicle gameplay rather than land. With a better balance and lengthier campaign it could've easily been the best game.

essential comedy game, plastic cup collectibles are just cherry on top

one, nothing wrong with me
two, nothing wrong with me

Pretty fun racing game spinoff, it benefits greatly from everything the franchise had done up to that point. Plus the Nintendo guest stars are a lovely addition.

Gameplay was a little slow but had a solid enough foundation to be its own thing. Too bad it shut down before really being able to define itself. The crazy investment in the cards-to-life gimmick was likely its downfall.

the crash knockoff levels are so ass

I don't understand how to play this and you can't make me learn. >:(